Work permit processing time

If all documents have been fully completed and submitted by the employer, how long should it take before the single use permit is issued?
It's already been 10 weeks that the employer submitted the documents but I still haven't heard any news.
Is it possible that the permit is rejected since it's already been 10 weeks?
I think I read somewhere that they would inform you within 2 weeks if the permit is rejected.
Thank you

I submitted something like 3-5 of September. Still waiting.

In Malta nobody knows how long it takes :-)
When you submitted?

Thank you for your reply!

The company submitted around the 6th of August and still no reply. They said I should most probably get it this week, but I still haven't heard anything.
Do you know anything about being notified within 2 weeks of application date if the permit is rejected or do you only know about either outcome only at the end?
Thank you!

We already have a topic started on the time a work permit can take,
if you read this you will see from the posts it can take quite a long time.

Hi All,

   I applied work permit on 9th july 2018.But till now we have not any update by them.So that can any one tell me what is work permit processing time of malta. I have application receipt of identity malta.

The only people who can answer your question are Identity Malta.
The question has been asked dozens of times on here and no one knows the answer.
Only the officials can tell you.

Even my visa Applied 17th of August until now full silence they didn't send me any updates regarding the process

It use to be approved in 3 months of time time. But in some cases it gets delayed upto 6 months.

Hi. My company applied for my working permit last Sept. 14, 2018. I haven't got any result yet.
Though the company personnel advised that they are constantly monitoring my application.

How's yours?

From you applied ?

Astrogeek, Were you able to get your working permit already?

Yes i got approval email from the company but still waiting for having it

Applied on 31st October,approved on 18 January date mentioned in letter ,original letter received on 26th january

Applied by company or agent ?

I think it doesn't make any difference.
However it was company applied. They sent me receipt pic same day

i got it today . on the letter date mentioned 30 november 2018

Congrats ,now last step is to get work visa and wait for it patiently.all the best

Thank you buddy . Yeah its already in the process now .

Today May 06 i submitted my Offer Letter which i Got yesterday  nearly after 9 months ..and now after reading all the replies and questions ..i made myself ok to think that its gonna take some more and more time to get working permit .. but after getting permit how long more i should wait for visa .. it will be great if sir/miss reply my topic..

Dear Shrestha,

After getting work permit
You have to submit following doc's in VFS
Offer letter
Original letter issued by id malta
Proof of declaration
Insurance for 3 months
3 month bank statement
One way ticket

It will take maximum 30 days to get the visa from Malta embassy.

For family reunion ,salary need to be euro 19000 per year ,either single person or joint applicant both .

Must have local Id card before making application.

Only D visa is valid for employment purpose no other category visa is accepted by id malta before making application.

Family reunion is possible on c category Schengen visa only subject to 19000 euro per annum salary.


Thank you sir

I got recipt from identity malta on 29 july .. now what are the procedure .. can u explain me ...

hi did you already got your permit?how long the process takes?because mine they applied ,17th of april, until now is pending no update as from my employer they were also waiting for the ltter from identity malta.

Apply for employment visa and wait for 30-45 days,once approved come to nalta

please help, anyone waiting also for almost 20 weeks still no update for the work permit.

This is rare,but had happened in past as,ask your employer to go I'd malta and check the status.they immediately tell it .

i always do the follow up to my employer, but as the hr always reply, they didnt received the letter yet from identity malta, once they received they will inform me.

thank you for your reply.

You cant so anything,unless your employer make visit to identity  malta for enquiring the status

I am a geotechnical engineer and my sponsor applied for my permit sometime in August 2019. How long do you think it might take for-the process. Also, is it true that they send out the refusals within 2 weeks of application if they are considering denying the permit?
Im really new to all this. Would really appreciate any help coming my way.
Thanks a ton!

Wait for 3 months and see the magic ... Aabra ka daabra .. .. chill u will get soon ur permit..🍻🍻🍻

I am waiting since 5th June,2019

There is not a confirm could take many months.I have been waiting since last 4 months

Mine was submitted on 9th of august and I am still waiting from all I'm reading i see that it could even take up to more than 3 months my question is since i am living and working in dubai I was thinking of going back to my home country "Egypt" for a while till the work permit is out is it possible to do that then once work permit is issued to apply for visa from Egypt or since everything was submitted from dubai I have to apply from dubai your answers would be appreciated

It has no relevance while your work permit application is under process here in malta,it is called still abroad.once it is approved ,you can apply for work visa either from country in which ur resident or citizen,both are has no significance and have common documentation required for visa purpose which include original approval letter,invitation from employer and accommodation proof for 2 weeks at least and health insurance for 90 days,no bank statement .

Thank you for your reply @aarav2014 one more question I will be staying with one of my friends there once I arrive what will be the documentation required for that from me or my friend

Proof of declaration notarized along with Id  card of friend

On Oct 29 it will be 4 months waiting for permit .. and still wandering and shocked to see how slow its going on to reach my destination ..

@Bikal, you are very near ,matter of any days time.usually they send approval letter through post,in some case they never get delivered so if employer approach directly them ,they can get it by hand ,which happened in my wife case.

@Aarav Thank you sir .. the word u said ..i am very near ..that gave me some relief .. haha

(aarav), i am waiting since june 5th,2019.Do you have any idea how long it could take more?