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Updated 2020-05-08 07:47

Tas-Sliema, typically known as just Sliema (pronounced SLEE-muh), is located on the Northeastern coast of Malta, across the harbour from Valletta. It is one of the country's most dynamic cities. Stretching over 1.3 km², Sliema provides a range of activities, including commercial and trade activities, leisure, shopping, and a variety of local and international cuisine.

A former fishing village, Sliema has become a leading centre of tourism in Malta, with a massive real estate boom in recent years creating a rush of construction and, unfortunately, traffic. This is ironic, given that Sliema means 'peace, comfort' in Maltese.

Its former quiet days are not lost forever, though, as the Sliema Waterfront is a lovely promenade to enjoy, and the multiple popular swimming areas along the coastline also offer some tranquillity.

Sliema may be a bit tight, but it is very popular with expats because it is easily accessible to a variety of offices in sectors such as financial services, iGaming, technology and communications services.

The labour market in Sliema

Having a good command of the English language, or being bi- or multilingual, will help you to find quick employment in the variety of sectors in Sliema. With such an international business focus, many EU nationals live and work in this area and more come to Malta every year to fill roles in these ever-expanding industries.

Sliema is a popular tourist centre with many hotels and leisure activity providers throughout the area. These sectors are frequently hiring and may be a good option for newcomers to Malta.

Sliema also requires many English-speaking doctors, nurses, and therapists. The healthcare industry is growing in Malta in order to accommodate its growing population, and English-speaking practitioners are always in high demand.

The information and communication technology sectors provide many jobs for English-speaking candidates to fill a variety of roles. These jobs vary widely in their scope, and it is important to fully understand the working culture and expectations of a new employer if you are moving to Malta for a job.

Malta is a financial hub, so jobs are also available in the finance sector. Real estate is another booming industry, including the expansion of tourist accommodations and vacation rental properties.

Find a job in Sliema

There are several independent recruitment agencies based in Sliema, so contacting them for your job search may be a good place to start.

You can also feel free to send job applications directly to companies that interest you. Businesses are proliferating in this area, accounting for many job opportunities.

Remember to register with JobsPlus as well, and to also subscribe to their newsletter to see the latest job offers in Sliema. Finally, job offers online and in classified ads in local newspapers may also help you in your job search.

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