Finding work in Valletta

Updated 2020-05-08 08:02

Located centrally on the eastern coast of Malta and stretching over a mere 80 hectares of land, Valletta is the Maltese capital city. The city was named after Jean Parisot de Vallette, who served as Grandmaster of the Knights of St. John and led the fight against the Ottoman invasion in 1565.

Today, the residential population of Valletta amounts to around 6,000 inhabitants. The city fills with workers and visitors throughout the day, especially during the summer when tourism is in full swing.

Valletta has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its classic baroque architecture and monuments dating back to the 16th century. The city also hosts the national Parliament, the courthouse, administrative offices, as well as several ministries and government departments.

Valletta is also deemed to be the country's cultural heart, thanks to museums, gardens, and many festivals hosted there all year-round. In short, the city is the ideal place to be if you are looking to settle and work in a dynamic environment.

Economy in Valletta

Malta has a particularly flourishing economy, primarily thanks to financial services, tourism, real estate, online gaming, electronic manufacturing, pharmaceutical products, information and technology, and call centres.

The unemployment rate in Malta stands around 4%, which is the third lowest in the European Union. The economy has been growing steadily with burgeoning industries and foreign direct investment.

Valletta specifically hosts a variety of government offices and a prominent tourism sector. Working in Valletta offers employees a variety of entertainment and restaurants to choose from for working lunches and after work events. The city buzzes all day during the summer especially, with visitors from around the world filling the streets to admire the architecture.

Labour market in Valletta

Foreigners looking for work in Malta will fare well with a good command of English or other language abilities to offer, especially in both the government or tourism sectors.

As Malta is actively involved in the global economy, local companies need staff that can represent them worldwide. Italian, German, Spanish, and the Scandinavian languages are all highly sought after language skills.

The following sectors could be especially promising for finding work in Valletta: web design and development, marketing, finance and accounting, information and communication technology, and tourism and hospitality.

Find a job in Valletta

Like anywhere else in the world, there are various ways to look for a job in Valletta. Start by registering with JobsPlus and with EURES (European Employment Services for EU citizens), which can provide you with relevant information and tips, as well as current job offers.

Feel free to seek the assistance of local recruitment agencies as well. You can find these anywhere across the city and, with some patience, these can help you find the ideal job according to your profile and expectations.

You can also view offers online thanks to several specialised job websites. Consider sending job applications directly to companies that interest you as well. With such a quickly expanding economy, many companies are consistently recruiting to sustain their growth.

Remember to be flexible in your job search as you familiarise yourself with local customs and office etiquette. Norms will differ from your home country and work environment, so don't be afraid to ask questions to clarify as needed.

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