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Located 25 minutes away from Malta by ferry, Gozo is one of the archipelago's biggest islands stretching over 67 km² in the Mediterranean Sea. The island consists of 14 municipalities, the largest of which is the capital city of Victoria, also known as Rabat. Gozo’s population is around 37,000 inhabitants.

Gozo is a peaceful and serene island with thousands of years of history to explore. Living and working in Gozo, you will also be able to enjoy exceptional beaches, breathtaking scuba diving sites, beautiful rural landscapes, as well as a rich cultural heritage, with traditional Mediterranean cuisine and a warm and hospitable population.

Gozo is particularly praised for its more lush natural landscape than on Malta, which it has managed to preserve over the years despite increased interest in the island by both tourists and expats.

Economy in Gozo

Gozo's economy relies heavily on construction and real estate development, with agriculture, animal husbandry, and fisheries also an important part of the local economy.

Tourism has more recently become one of the main job providers on the island.

Almost half of Gozo's land is used for agricultural purposes, including the farming of fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, citrus, melons, watermelons, courgettes, and grapes for wine production). Less than a quarter of land has been left wild.

Find a job in Gozo

Gozo is a developing island, with its focus still traditionally in agriculture and the new tourism economy. Finding a job in Gozo is a bit more difficult than in Malta given the lack of diversity of industry here.

If you are looking into the tourism industry, you could perhaps reach out to companies of interest directly to inquire about job opportunities, especially for the high tourist season. It is often best to be in Gozo in person, as local companies prefer face-to-face contact with potential candidates.

You can always start your job search in Malta by registering with JobsPlus and with EURES (for EU Citizens). You can also seek help from the Gozo Business Chamber, which is an official specialised organization.

Job offers are also advertised online, between social media sites like Facebook and job-specific sections of sites like Maltapark or local Maltese news sites.

Refer to the article Work in Malta for more details regarding employment conditions in the country.

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