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Stretching over 67 km², Gozo is one of the eight islands that make up the Maltese archipelago. It is Malta's second biggest island, though it is much more rural than its big sister. Gozo continues to attract expats, especially nature and history lovers, thanks to its more lush landscape as well as its expansive historical legacy.

Gozo: An attractive place to live in

The island of Gozo is appreciated for its unspoiled nature, beauty, countryside, beaches, cuisine, and archaeological treasures. The Ġgantija temples in Gozo, for instance, are one of the oldest standing human-made structures on Earth. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island also boasts 46 churches, including the impressive Xewkija Church, also simply known as the Rotunda.

The island is also a very popular tourist destination, attracting large numbers, especially throughout the summer season. Those tourists include foreigners as well as local Maltese tourists who seek a quiet escape for a weekend or holiday.

Gozo also boasts some of the best scuba diving in the whole Mediterranean region. You can also enjoy different types of water sports in its calm lagoons and bays.

It offers a multitude of trails for rambling and attracts many local tourists in the shoulder season, especially in springtime when the island is lush and at its most beautiful.

The special atmosphere of Gozo did not leave Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt unaffected by its charms, as it was there that they decided to shoot their entire film By the Sea.

Tourists don't stay long in Gozo. Maltese come for the weekend. The only time you can see a traffic jam is when they are queuing near the pier to catch the ferry back home.

Features of Gozo

Measuring only 7 km wide by 14 km long, Gozo is a small, quiet and romantic island located 5 km from its big sister Malta. The main town is Victoria, sometimes called Ir-Rabat. If you love nature and living peacefully, Gozo is for you!

Gozo is said to be a calm and peaceful island, providing a very relaxed lifestyle to its inhabitants. It provides a serene environment, with very little urban noise, pollution, or other types of nuisance.

Divided into 14 municipalities, the island of Gozo is a 20-minute ferry ride from the main island, Malta, which is much busier, with the tiny island of Comino in between. The people of Gozo, about 32,000, are very friendly and always willing to help.

Living in Gozo

To adapt to the pace of life in Gozo, you have to like peace and quiet. The island is very quiet. Those wishing to party can always go to Malta for a wild night out; it's next door!

Do you like nature, simplicity and authenticity? You'll love Gozo! The living environment is privileged, the climate is Mediterranean, it is easy to integrate, and people are very welcoming towards expatriates.

Living in Gozo, you will forget the hectic life of the big cities and let yourself be carried away by the calm rhythm of the passing days. Like in Malta, Maltese and English are spoken, and it is not uncommon to hear Italian, but the locals also have their own language. They are difficult to meet as they travel by car, but with time and being proactive, you will make new and unique friends. In addition, Gozo is a theft-free island. You can leave the doors of your house open and your phone on the terrace table when you go for a swim; it will still be there when you come back! Be careful, though; in high season, tourists attract thieves from all over the world.

Besides, you will find all the amenities you need in Gozo, including supermarkets, medical care and government services. Trips to the island of Malta are not necessary to reach those services unless you need to pay a visit to your embassy.

The island is less developed than Malta, with fewer job opportunities on offer. You can certainly commute between the islands, many Gozitans do that. It is true that taking the ferry every day can be pleasant, given the proximity (and if you don't get seasick). However, commuting between both islands can become a hassle. It actually takes a lot of time to move between Malta and Gozo by ferry. It takes more time than commuting in some capital and big cities such as London or Paris! Due to this situation, some Gozitans working in Malta found accommodation on the main island and only come back to Gozo for the weekend. As a result, the ferry to come back to Malta is often crowded on Sunday evenings. Two fasts ferries recently started to operate between Valletta and Gozo, improving the situation a bit. The trip lasts just under 45 minutes, but remember that car or bus rides to get to the fast ferry add up.

If you want to live and rent in Gozo, a good solution is to fit the local labor market. Agriculture and tourism (especially agritourism) provide most jobs. A lot of expats settling in Gozo chose to create their own job by working online, investing in properties, or creating a business in the tourism sector.

The best places to find accommodation in Gozo

The best locality to find accommodation in Gozo depends on your projects and lifestyle.

If you don't have a car and plan to rely on public transport, consider finding accommodation in Victoria (also called Rabat), the capital of Gozo. In fact, the bus route map in Gozo looks like an octopus. All buses depart from Victoria to serve a specific village. For example, if you live in Xlendi and you want to go to Ramla Bay beach by bus, you will have to go from Xlendi to Victoria, wait for the next bus, and then go from Victoria to Ramla Bay. And vice-versa for the return trip. A 15-minute drive quickly turns into an hour-long bus ride. Similarly, if you need to often go to the supermarket, renting a flat or house in Victoria or nearby will be more convenient for you. Most supermarkets in Gozo are located in the capital of Gozo or around it.

If you have a car or don't care about spending time on public transport, then you can choose to live on the seaside. Gozo offers a wonderful laidback environment for those who dream to have a relaxed lifestyle by the sea. The most touristy villages are Marsalforn and Xlendi: a small beach (and harbor), lots of bars, restaurants and hotels, and lots of tourists. If that's your thing, go for it. Those areas are quite alive but still much quieter than tourist areas in Malta, such as Sliema.

Maybe you are planning to find accommodation in Gozo to live in a really quiet place surrounded by nature. In this case, consider renting (or buying) in Qala (with the very nice Hondoq Bay beach), Nadur or Xagħra. If you don't rely on supermarkets to run errands, know that every village in Gozo has at least a grocery store.

Finally, if you often need to take the ferry to go to Malta, it may be better to live near the Mġarr harbor in Gozo. The closest villages to the ferry are Mġarr and Għajnsielem.

Finding accommodation in Gozo

First of all, start by deciding which type of accommodation you would prefer to rent in Gozo: flat, house, or farmhouse. Those are the most popular options available throughout the island. Flats can be found everywhere in Gozo, especially in Victoria and the tourist areas such as Marsalforn and Xlendi. Traditional townhouses can also be found. Most of the time, they come with a roof terrace, which will let you enjoy the sunny weather in Gozo. In the countryside, it is possible to rent beautiful farmhouses, sometimes with a swimming pool. This is a good option to enjoy your time in Gozo with your family, but keep in mind that it is more expensive than the other types of accommodation.

You should also plan the appropriate budget. Gozo is cheaper than Malta for accommodations, but you can certainly find a full range of options available.

To find a rental in Gozo, you will need some time because the owners prefer to rent to tourists by the day, as it is much more financially interesting for them than renting by the month. Many accommodations are set up in this way, old farmhouses (over a hundred years old!) have been restored and reborn as luxury holiday accommodations, often with a swimming pool. In fact, agritourism is developing in Gozo.

For a long-term rental, you will sign a lease for more than a year and pay a deposit and a month or two in advance.

There are three ways to find accommodation in Gozo: the internet, estate agents and the local press. Estate agents charge a fee, but they can make the search much quicker and easier. Here are the main real estate agencies in Gozo: RE/MAX, Excel Homes, Simon Mamo Real Estate, Dhalia Century 21, and Frank Salt Real Estate. If you are looking on the internet, don't forget to search in English. Also, don't underestimate the power of social media in Gozo. Facebook is the most used one by Maltese and Gozitans. Go to the Facebook marketplace and use the filters to see the property listing. You can also join groups dedicated to accommodation in Gozo by searching keywords such as “accommodation in Gozo”. Also, take a look at Maltapark, which is the most popular marketplace in Gozo and Malta.

It is wise to seek the help of a real estate agent to locate currently available options since online listings are rarely up-to-date. But it can still help to browse offers in classified ads in local newspapers and online for a general sense of availability.

Note that the highest concentration of accommodation options is found in Victoria, which is also known as Rabat. You can also look into options in the areas of Fontana, Għajnsielem, Għarb, Għasri, Kerċem, Marsalforn, Munxar, Nadur, Qala, San Lawrenz, Sannat, Xagħra, Xewkija, Xlendi, and Żebbuġ.


Remember that to reside in the Maltese archipelago for more than three months, you must have a residence permit (eResidence card). For more details, see our article "Residence and work permit in Malta".

Rent prices in Gozo

As for the rent, it obviously depends on what you want. Seaside, living area, interior and exterior fittings, flat, house, etc. It will be difficult to find something for less than 400 euros (a studio or a two-room apartment) in the city. You can find two- or three-bedroom flats for between €600 and €1,000. Accommodation prices are higher in Victoria, the main city. In the countryside, you can get a luxury villa with a swimming pool for between €1,200 and €2,200.

Buying a property in Gozo

If you have the financial means, why not buy your own property in Gozo? You can buy a flat, a penthouse, or even a farmhouse. Flat prices start from €130,000. Farmhouses can be bought for prices starting at €320,000. However, expect a much higher price for a bigger and refurbished farmhouse. They are a really good choice if you want to enjoy your life in Gozo or put it for rent as a holiday rental.

Know that buying a property is one of the criteria to benefit from the Maltese Citizenship by Naturalization for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment program. Thanks to this program, you can get Maltese citizenship. However, the amount of money to be invested is very high. For more information, see our article “Malta Citizenship by investment | From Malta Individual Investor Programme (IPP) to Maltese Exceptional Investment Naturalization (MEIN)”. Alternatively, investing in (or even renting) a property in Gozo can open the door to the Global Residence Programme (GRP) in Malta, which is a special tax status. See our article “Resident and work permit for Malta”.

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