Pet friendly long term rents in Malta


We will moving to Malta with our medium sized dog in May 2016 and we are looking for a pet friendly accommodation for long term. We are happy to move where we find a property with affordable price. Please if you do have any helpful information regarding estate agents or websites we can use, we'd appreciate if you leave us a comment here. Thank you for your help:) Nora

Hello Nora,

As for the affordable price, I'd say your best bet is to look in the north (St. Paul's Bay area, Bugibba, Qawra, or Mellieha) or in the south (Marsascala, Birzebuggia).

Apartment prices are rising quickly now as the summer is getting closer...

A good place to look for apartments that are actually available is facebook (see links below) - the apartments advertised on the estate agencies' websites are hardly ever available... (The one we've been renting since February, for example, is still advertised as vacant...)

By the way, don't expect to find anything from outside Malta. Rent a flat short-term (e.g. via airbnb) and check out the agencies once you're there. It took us about 1 week to actually find a place we liked.

Also, don't trust pictures too much! An estate agent sent us pics of a flat that looked quite nice - when we got there, we almost got sick: a tiny, filthy place, and a half-full carton of milk of the people who'd lived there before was still in the fridge - which was unplugged!)

Some useful facebook groups:

In the north I can recommend Kurt Muscat from Dhalia in St. Paul's Bay - he was very helpful and would have even negotiated a better price for us.

Hope that helps!

Finding ANY accommodation from outside Malta is difficult, since databases on real estate agency websites are not up to date.
Even once here, forget the offers on the websites. We've selected 10 recent offers of 4 different agencies and it turned out, that only 2 (out of 40) have been actually available.
Checking Maltapark ads is more efficient !
Finding something in good condition and descend priced where our dog was allowed - impossible. So we did not mention our (small) dog, found a nice apartment and told the landlady short before signing the contract at the notary office - and she accepted  :)
But I would not recommend this procedure ...  :whistle:

i have messaged you - i might be able to help .. my website is updated almost daily

Hi Bernie,

Thank you very much for your reply. For the first 2 weeks we do have accommodation already in Malta and while we will be there, we will search for pet friendly rentals personally. We know from abroad it doesn't work out well. We made the same here in London.  Thank you for your suggestions and links, I will check them out. Kind regards, Nora

Hi matm911,

Thanks for your response. We know the whole procedure - looking for rent a property with dog - from London, we've made it already more times, and I am sure it won't be easy in Malta neither. Thanks for your suggestions, I will check the Maltapark's ads out and hope the bests. Kind regards, Nora

I'm looking for a place to stay for a couple of weeks while looking for a long term let till around October but if I fall in love with the Island again I will take a further lease.If you can help in any way I would really appreciate it :)
Kind regards

Oops I want to travel in the next couple of weeks and stay till Oct
Kind regards

Hi Camillia > i invite you to post an ad in the housing in Malta section. It might help. :)