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Known as San Ġiljan in Maltese, Saint Julian's is a dynamic city, both in terms of its amenities and its inhabitants. The city has been attracting tourists and expats in large numbers for several years now, creating a vibrant part of Malta to live in and visit. How to find accommodation in Saint Julian's? Follow our advice!

Saint Julian's: The most dynamic place to live in Malta

St Julian's (San Ġiljan in Maltese) is one of the most popular places in Malta, along with Sliema and Valletta. A former fishing village, Saint Julian's boasts a mixture of traditional and modern architecture. Combine that with the rocky coastline and views out to the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea, and it's easy to see why Saint Julian's is so popular.

St Julian's is divided into neighborhoods: St Andrew's, Tal-Għoqod, Ta' Ġiorni, Paceville, the latter being famous for its nightlife, and the areas around Spinola Bay, St George's Bay and Balluta Bay.

Between modernity and history, St Julian's has been designed for the well-being of both locals and visitors to the city. The waterfront is never far away, with shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs rejuvenating this area of Malta's coastline.

On the seafront is Portomaso, where the business center is located. Portomaso also includes the Hilton hotel overlooking the marina and luxury residences. At Dragonara point, an elegant 19th-century mansion stoically resists the invasion of modern buildings. The small sandy beach at St George's Bay is perfect for families, as children can swim in the shallow water.

In the waterfront area, many boutique shops, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs give Saint Julian's a fresh, modern look. In short, Saint Julian's blends history with modernity, providing quality living to its inhabitants, as well as plenty of fun and activity for tourists.

Features of Saint Julian's

Saint Julian's is one of the most crowded cities in Malta. Its registered number of inhabitants stands at around 13,800. Tourists, language students and expats living there for a short time need to be added to this number.

Saint Julian's is served by several bus lines, which can take you to Paceville and Sliema. Valletta is just a short trip away, and the coastal road brings you to the St. Paul's Bay area in northern Malta. There is a night bus service, which means you don't have to worry about what time to get home when you're out having fun, and you don't have to drive if you've had a good night's drinking. The service is otherwise provided by Malta Public Transport every day from 5.30 am to 11 pm.

Hosting a lot of companies, Saint Julian's is one of the cities that offer the most job opportunities in Malta. Online gaming is one of the main sectors in Saint Julian's. iGaming companies hire a lot of expats coming from many different countries. Other office jobs can be found in this city. The economy of Saint Julian's is also based on tourism and nightlife. Many expats work in restaurants, bars and clubs. Therefore, if you are working, chances are that you will find a job in Saint Julian's. Thus it is a good choice to live in Saint Julian's because you will live near your work. You will avoid the hassle of commuting every morning and evening and getting stuck in traffic jams (which are common in the Saint Julian's area and vicinity). To go to work, you will just need to take the bus for a very short ride, go on foot, or use an electric scooter.

The city has several schools, which is a good point if you are planning to settle in Saint Julian's with your children. Some of these are quite popular with expats: Sacred Heart Foundation, which provides both primary and secondary education, the Verdala International School (located in Pembroke, near Saint Julian's), St. Michael School, Maltalingua Language School, EF International School of English, Berlitz Language Centre, and EC Malta.

Saint Julian is a lively area. It is home to the Spinola Palace Gardens (Ġnien Spinola in Maltese), several shops and boutiques, cinemas and bowling clubs such as the Eden. There are also several grocery stores and small shops around for convenience. Apart from Maltese shops and grocery stores (like The Convenience Shop), you will find grocery shops specialized in different food from all over the world, for example, Asian, Bulgarian, or even a French boulangerie! This reflects the cosmopolitan population living in Saint Julian's. This is good news for you because all expats eventually tend to miss the food of their country of origin.

Finally, there are some private clinics in Saint Julian's like the Spinola Clinic. As you can see, Saint Julian's has all the amenities you might need.

In which neighborhood of Saint Julian's to find accommodation?

Saint Julian's is divided into several zones. So, make sure to choose the one that best suits you according to your criteria when looking for accommodation in Saint Julian's. Here is an overview of the different neighborhoods:

  • Paceville is a relatively modern neighborhood built back in the 1920s. This neighborhood is famous for its vibrant nightlife with bars, casinos, clubs, etc. Paceville also attracts young couples and some professionals, but it can be difficult to find a long-term rental, as owners prefer to rent to transients, which is much more profitable.
  • Spinola Bay: Located on the other side of St Julian's, Spinola Bay encompasses the traditional bay with its fishermen. You'll enjoy its cafes, bars, restaurants, and the walk along the seaside.
  • Balluta Bay is a pretty bay in Saint Julian's. It is a lively place with nice views. You will find cafes, restaurants and bars, but also a less hectic pace of life than in the other parts of Saint Julian's. You can even swim in the small bay by climbing down a few stairs and getting to the (really) tiny sandy beach.
  • Portomaso hosts luxury accommodation, a leisure center, a beach club, shops and boutiques, as well as a luxury hotel and a conference center. Portomaso Business Tower is located there. It is the first skyscraper built in Malta, with 22 floors. Its famous TwentyTwo bar on the 22nd floor offers an amazing panoramic view over the islands by night.
  • Pender Gardens is another prestigious development in Saint Julian's neighborhood, providing a range of residential properties.

There are three bays in Saint Julian's. Spinola Bay is filled with luzzijiet (plural of luzzu, a Maltese traditional colorful boat), and fishermen. Balluta Bay is where the Church of St Julian's watches over everything. Finally, St. George's Bay has a small sandy beach.

Finding accommodation in the immediate vicinity of Saint Julian's

You might be attracted by Saint Julian's and all it has to offer. However, you might be worried about the fast-paced life and noise there. In this case, the best choice for you is to find accommodation in the immediate vicinity of Saint Julian's.

  • Swieqi:

This is a quiet and peaceful residential area. Residents enjoy the amenities of St Julian's without suffering from the overcrowding that sometimes plagues the city. On the property side, you will find maisonettes, flats and terraced houses. Swieqi is located just 15 minutes by bus from Sliema and within walking distance of Saint Julian's and Malta's nightlife hub Paceville.

  • Madliena:

It is a quiet residential area located in Swieqi. This area is being developed with Madliena Village, a luxury flat project with sea views. Madliena Ridge is another project focused on high-end properties.

  • San Ġwann:

It is the 7th most important city in Malta. It has all the amenities you might need. From there, you can get to Saint Julian's in 15 minutes by bus or 30 minutes on foot. Rents in San Ġwann are more affordable than in Madliena.


San Ġwann and Saint Julian's have names that sound similar for newcomers. Don't mix them up while looking for accommodation in Saint Julian's.

Types of accommodation in Saint Julian's

When it comes to finding accommodation in Saint Julian's, you will be spoilt for choice. There are different types of accommodation. Choose the one that fits you best according to your budget and your needs. There are studios, flats (from one to four bedrooms and sometimes more), penthouses, maisonettes (which are self-contained flats or apartments within a larger residential property), terraced houses, and even villas.

As rent prices are among the most expensive in Malta, some expats choose to live in shared accommodation. Though sharing a flat means you have less privacy, it helps you socialize and meet new people.

How to find accommodation in Saint Julian's

The four ways to search for accommodation in St Julian's are through internet classifieds, local newspaper classifieds, estate agents and word of mouth.

As St Julian's is a tourist destination, many rentals are short-term, so you need to make sure you specify this in your search. In your browser, write "long-term rental St Julian's Malta".

As Saint Julian's is a tourist center, finding accommodation online should not be complicated. However, you are advised to distinguish between short-term holiday rentals and long-term rentals.

If you have already read the article "Accommodation in Malta", you know that many online listings are not up-to-date, so it's important to contact real estate agents by phone to view currently available units upon arrival.

A real estate agent can be useful to make things easier for you, as not only will they do the search for you, but they will also be very helpful with the formalities and the contract. However, you will need to pay for the agent's fee, which is usually equal to half a month's rent. The landlord will also pay a fee of the same amount to the agent. There are several real estate companies working in Saint Julian's. Here are the main ones: Frank Salt, RE/MAX, Dhalia Real Estate, Quicklets, Simon Mamo Real Estate, Alliance Real Estate and Belair Property.

If you don't wish to pay a real estate agent's fee, try to rent directly from the owner. In this case, be careful of the scams, especially if you are coming from abroad. Online marketplaces and social media are the best places to find accommodation directly from the owner in Saint Julian's. The most popular online marketplace is Maltapark. Visit the website and check the accommodation listing. Facebook is another good place to find accommodation in Saint Julian's. Maltese use this social media a lot, especially for accommodation, renting and buying properties. Check the Facebook marketplace using the filters, or look for groups dedicated to accommodation in Malta.

If you are looking for shared accommodation in Saint Julian's, you might find it on Facebook or specialized websites such as Flatmate.

Finally, classified ads in local newspapers, some of which are available online, may also help in your search.


Remember that to stay in Malta for more than three months, you need a residence permit (eResidence card).

Rent prices in Saint Julian's

Due to its popularity, St Julian's is one of the most expensive places in Malta. Expect to pay around €750 minimum for a small flat, around €1,400 and more for a spacious flat, and at least €6,000 (up to €10,000!) for a luxury residence. If you cannot afford such rent but still wish to live in Saint Julian's, consider sharing a flat. You can find a bedroom for rent for €500 per month.

Due to San Ġwann's ideal location, rents are not cheaper there than in Saint Julian's. Expect about the same prices.

Otherwise, you can choose to live in Swieqi or Madliena because of the more quiet neighborhood they offer. This high-class area has a price. Expect to pay at least €4,000 to rent a villa in Madliena. Some beautiful villas with swimming-pool can be rented for a price of over €10,000 per month! Price rents for flats in Madliena start from €1,400.

Rents in Swieqi are a bit cheaper. Expect to pay at least €700 for a small flat.

Good to know:

Prices have increased dramatically in recent years, so some prices found online are no longer realistic estimates for the popular areas of Malta, including Saint Julian's.

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