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Hi.i am a fresh graduate in MD and I want to do internship program in Malta hospital.please kindly guide me what is the requirements.?

Contact the Hospital.

Hi redmik
Can u send me the link of any hospital. … r_dei.aspx

Another time waster. He's an MD and can't look up his own information? C'mon!

Hi Dr attiq, first, Malta have very little info online about residency or any other path to medical licensing, so redmik, your comment is out of line. Besides, this is what this forum is for, doesn't? Helping people.

First of all, I emailed a couple of months ago to the Fundation Program Director and the Medical Council; only the former gave me some useful info.

And the info that they gave me was very very vague and disturbing:

1.- You can work in Malta only if you have finished your residency already, so, only specialists allowed. If you want to practice in Malta as a resident, you must finish the so called "Fundation Program", before applying for any residency spots.

2.- Fundation program is a 2 years internship program, like UK-FP.

3.- There are no enough spots for all medical graduates that wants a spot on FP-1 and FP-2, and priority is given to maltese graduates. The fact that you are EU-citizen is not of any value (that's right, NO value at all). You're welcome to persue residency in Malta (only) if you've got your primary medical qualification from UK-Ireland or any other british common wealth country. If you've gotten your primary medical qualification from any other country you'll be given last priority, if any at all.

I'm portuguese (born and educated in Venezuela) and I wrote to the FP Director a couple of months ago as I said, and she told me that " my primary medical certification has been awarded in Venezuela I was not elegible for FP...". That's it. Period. It depends on where you graduated. I was very upset about that answer.
She didn't elaborate about the fact that I can practice after residency (if I finish my residency in another EU-country), as it's not her place to tell... so I guessed that only after residency I MIGHT BE ALLOWED to practice as specialist. I still have to research that with the Medical Council, but I was very upset about FP-Director answer so I went another way (Spain and Portugal). May be in the future I'll look at that path again.

I made a little research, I talked to some friends of mine who have tried to get a spot and told me that it's not possible, because they are very picky and their system is already crowded as the UK System.

So, don't waste your time.


PD: By the way, apparently, as the Maltese Medical Council told me you're expected to learn Maltese and prove to be proficient in it, even if 98% of people in Malta speak english your English by itself will not suffice to be elegible :-S. I don't know if that's just a stupid requisite/excuse to not allow some doctors from abroad to practice there (I think it is) or if it's an actual requisite to every doctor that choses to practice there, as I've heard of doctors that don't even know how to speak English correctly and are offered places as specialists (two nurses that practice there in Mater Salvatoris Hospital, told me that). Any way, It's a dead end, I think.

This is Malta so I would expect the ability to speak Maltese would be a requirement for a doctor in Malta, wouldn't you?


If I learn the Maltese language then it will possible they allowed me to do hb


Thank you very much for the information in your post, it is very useful.

You mention that being an EU citizen confers no advantage whatsoever? I found that quite surprising?!

I have been trying to check up on them online as well, and there is hardy any information available. How can I get in touch with the Foundation Program Head or any other person who can provide official information, can you assist me with their email if you have it?

Also, do you have any idea regarding the plausibility of IMG's who graduated outside of EU/USA/UK getting a license/job or residency?

Thanking you in advance.


No. It's hypocritical: 98% of maltese population speaks english. On the other hand I was told by 2 nurses of Mater Salvatoris Hospital that some foreign specialists from Asia (Pakistan and India mostly) don't even know how to speak english (let alone maltese) and they are granted the permission to practice. So, I don't see the logic of it.

i will leave here an email that i just received...

Good Morning,

I am including the directions below regarding procedures for recognition and assessment of qualifications.  Kindly review the information and links, and should you have any questions – please let me know and I will be happy to assist you. In short, you will need to submit an application to determine the recognition of your qualification.

In an effort to provide a faster and more efficient service, the National Commission for Further and Higher Education has launched a new online process for the recognition of qualifications, the service provided by the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC).  This new system is available on, through the MQRIC section which is accessible from the top bar, second tab. It entails a completely new online process whereby persons requesting a recognition statement for their qualifications – both prospective and obtained – can do so online.   

This is accessible by clicking Apply Here   on the page. Clicking Help  below it guides you step by step through the whole procedure. This system will make the process simpler and faster; it’s user-friendly and efficient, no more waiting in queues or sending emails. The applicant will have the opportunity to search for his/her qualification by entering the country, finding the name of the awarding body from a drop-down menu and finding the qualification. If the qualification is already listed, the statement can be downloaded and printed instantly.   

If the qualification is not listed on the database, the user can submit an application by entering further details requested. This will kick-start the research process carried out by the MQRIC department.   

This new system will bring about an introduction of minimal fees that will help the MQRIC to provide this international service. These are as follows:

•         If the qualification is found on the database: €10
•         If the qualification is not found on database
o                   Awarded in Malta: €20               
•                     Awarded outside Malta: €50 


Jon Vercellono
Administrative Executive
National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE)    

Hello. I graduated Medical university (General Medicine) in Moscow last year. I would like to work in Malta. But I cann't find any information about Malta. If someone have any information, please share it.

Tarlan wrote:

Hello. I graduated university in Moscow last year. I would like to work in Malta. But I cann't find any information about Malta. If someone have any information, please share it.

Is your work related to the medical profession?

Yes. I graduated "General Medicine" faculty. And I want to work in Medical Residency. How is it possible?

Tarlan wrote:

Yes. I graduated "General Medicine" faculty. And I want to work in Medical Residency. How is it possible?

Why not contact the hospitals here and enquire?

Tarlan wrote:

Yes. I graduated "General Medicine" faculty. And I want to work in Medical Residency. How is it possible?

As you know Russia is not part of the EU. However, some countries like Serbia made agreements with Malta for employment of their citizen in this country. In your case I would ask the Maltese embassy in Russia about a medical internship in Malta. Once you are  here you can proceed with your venture to work over here for a longer period of time.

Thank you very much for the information sir - God bless you

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