Work permit processing time

[at]Oskar, brother I think you should get this month,if your employer make visit to I'd malta, he can get exact status.

(at) Dear Aarav...they are just saying it is almost will be 5 months on 5th November. I am worried if it my work permit get rejected because i have already invested a lot of time for it and i have also denied some other offers for it.

[at]Onkar, rejection is rare ,atleast I have never heard it about,but I am sure by now it would have been issue however if your employer make visit again they can give them approval letter  by hand also.please note no one wants to go identity malta as normal waiting time for customer care query  is about 3 hours.

When ever i talk about work permit my employer starts to say its government work and it will take time ..and also he added dnt know why its taking time this year too much .. is it really taking too much time for permit this year

Yes indeed, its taking a lot of time this year. My employer submitted my application to Identity Malta sometime late August and they haven't heard about it yet?
Everyone please keep posting about your process timeline, so others have an idea how long its taking. THANKS!

Mostly it depends on strength on employer ,if it's a big company its quick like 2 months max and for visa 1 week.
But for small employers it can takes ages

Hi all, I have applied for my single workpermit visa at VFS Bangalore 3 weeks before.
Any idea, how many days it may take to get the visa stamped?
VFS people said that the evaluation process will take a min. of 15 days. Appreciate your reply on this.

Usually 1 months max 45

Thanks Aarav, one more quick question pls. I have planned my travel for 9th Dec and in case if my visa will not issued by then, do i need to postpone my travel date and inform high commission about the new date (as i have submitted my confirmed travel itinerary for 9th Dec)? any idea...
It's been 24 days and still waiting for visa.

Dear Gunjan, i understand that you are waiting for work permit approval letter from Identity malta. In my case, i got received it in 2 weeks through KEI service. Usually, it may take 6 to 10 weeks under non- fast tracked service  (i got to know this from my future employer). good luck

Dear techno,

Yes date postpone is only choice ,that have happened in my wife case ,however no need to inform high commission. She recvd after 20 days from travel date

Recently one of my friend recvd visa in 3 days ,once their company sent an email directly to high commission but the company is one of largest in europe and got big reputation.


Hey how are you... I want to know that... How much chances to get visa after approval from ETC.. Could you help me out.... Or does study or visit visa refusal effects on work permit visa even after reciving approval from ETC

Dear Aarav, Thanks a lot for sharing

Hi there! Got my approval letter from Identity Malta today. Now I need to apply for my visa. Hope you'll get yours soon as well. My employer filled it on the 30th of August and it came today, so that's 3 months. Be patient and you'll receive it too.

Also, can anyone guide me now how to apply for the visa and the entire process henceforth. I'd be really thankful guys!

Thanks in advance.

[at] Gandhi,  u must check the date untill which it is valid to apply for visa ,normally its 2 month from date of issue to make visa application.

Does it takes 1 month to get visa ?? Haha coz i got my work permit today.  What a relief ...!! Hope waiting candidates gets their permit soon ..

Congrats, 😊 does employer send it through post?

[at]Bikal before 45 days it can be any

Thank you sir for replying .. it was totally useful ..

I'm Ebi from Colombo, Sri Lanka. My employer from Malta has applied single work still abroad on behalf of me.
Hope soon I will receive that. Kindly let me know after I receive work permit what are the documents I need and how to make an appointment malta high commission which located in new Delhi since I'm in Sri Lanka we don't have any Malta embassy here also I don't want to miss anything last moment so now itself I can prepare and keep everything ready.


Hi, did any one had this experience? I have received my Malta workpermit visa today, but it is valid for only 3 months 20 days. Do you think is it a mistake?
what do i need to do now? should i proceed for malta and extend my work permit visa and then apply for residence permit? really appreciate your suggestions here. Thanks


This is standard day .even 15 days will suffice the purpose.

Thanks Aarav, thank you for the replay brother. What i heard from VFS Bangalore was the work permit must be valid for at least 1 year and it is strange that they have approved it for only 3.5 months, in this situation what is the further step that i need to take and is it possible to get this extended in Malta?

please could you elaborate for me.


Work permit letter is usually valid for less than 6 months and u have to apply for visa within time mentioned in vfs with original documents mentioned in checklist.

Work visa is valid for 91 days which allow u to move to malta and apply for residency ,after u get residency card which is valid for 1 year and renewable

Peps who got recently their work permit i mean about to visit malta within january .. we should meet for sure.. if u thinks this ok to make stranger a good frn then  think i am happy to meet and know you and malta more deeply together .. chaos 🍻🍻🤗

Got it Aarav, thanks a lot

[at] Bilal, sure private message for further chat

Any one know about how much time identity malta is taking to approved etc letter.please share your experience

No exact time till yet ..think lucky if it will come within 2 months but if .. you got it what i am trying to say ..

Hey guys,

I'm Ebi from Sri Lanka. Today I got my single work permit. My employer email the work permit and asked me to apply visa. I need some advice from you guys.
Since we don't have Maltese embassy in sri lanka I think we should go new Delhi.
- How to get the appointment from new Delhi - how long does it take process visa
- what are the documents required for visa
- does company need to send the work permit by post or can I apply visa with mail attachment?

Looking forward valuable replies

Hi all. I am a third country national and currently in Malta. My employer applied for my working visa and told me to come back after 2 weeks. But when I went back to them, they told me that It hasn't been released. My visa will expire very soon. What should I do please? I have read on the Identity Malta site that once the employer applied for your working visa, you will then received an interim receipt stating that you can legally stay in malta until the decision to grant your working visa has been made.

Anyone can help me please? :(

Step 1 – Application Stage

Applicants would need to fill in CEA Form C and Form ID 1A and submit the necessary documents as outlined in the relevant checklist.

The Expatriates Unit receives applications from Monday to Thursday between 07:30AM and 11:30AM. Applicants have to pay an application fee of €280.50 and payments are only accepted by means of cash or cheque (payable to Identity Malta Agency).

Step 2 – Processing of an Application

Once the documents are submitted to Identity Malta Agency and the applicants’ bio-metric data is captured, applicants will be issued with an Interim Receipt.

The Interim Receipt permits applicants to legally reside in Malta until a decision is taken on their application, however, it does not allow applicants to take up employment. Furthermore, should the holder of Interim Receipt leave Malta, the document is not valid for his/her re-entry into Malta.

Can anyone see us Identity malta receipt paper?
How looks is it ???

Hi ,hope you are fine i just get info that for what job you was applied job title,Because i applied to and its take alot time

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