Visa application process- problems with fingerprints

Hi everyone,

We have an appointment March 1st at the Italian Embassy in Chicago to apply for our elective residency visa.

I am an RN and have actively worked as an RN for 44 years. Over the years I have had increasing difficulty with anyone being able to obtain my fingerprints. I am told by many people in the fingerprinting business that there are many reasons for this, but top of list is being a nurse or doctor. In anticipation of having problems obtaining my fingerprints at the embassy, my husband and I have been undergoing an FBI background check ( we had heard from a couple of reputable sites that taking that route might speed up the process at the embassy.... ).

My husband sailed through, has his report and is moving on. my fingerprints have now been rejected 3 times by the FBI, and the fingerprint company that partners with the FBI have written a letter to me saying that they have tried multiple times by multiple methods and are unable to obtain.

Have any of you had experience with this problem? How does the embassy deal with this? Has it been a limiting factor in obtaining your visa, etc???

Any help appreciated!


SureID ( works through UPS stores (and perhaps others) and will get you FBI background check in a couple of hours - yes, that is true. And no, I don't work for them. It's $55 as I recall.

Local police (called a clearance letter here in Seattle) took about 30 minutes and cost $22.50.

Hi Vickie....this isn't so much about the fingerprints as it is about getting a elective residency visa!!  My hubby and I were all set....deposit on a health insurance....shipped our goods....were going to ship our dogs....its a long long story!!  We were denied 3 times for an elective residency visa in Philadelphia!!  We were heart broken!!  We took early retirement from our jobs...sold our cars...rented our house out!  It has been devastating!  I was just wondering what you are doing right to get an elective residency visa???  We have since learned that Philadelphia has not given one out in 8 years!!  We went to the consulate in Pittsburgh....she said everything with our papers looked fine!!!

mlbucine-- there is a very good Italian attorney in Philadelphia who specializes with all matters re residency.  Pl let me know if you are interested in getting his name.  Good luck!

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