Saudi Counsil Documents Requirement

I have Diploma in mechanical Engineer i Registered with SCE and paid for initial.payment of 500sar
I got message for attach missing document. I Hope that document might be marksheet which i forgotted to attached.
I have Consolidated 1 marksheet showing the total marks in single marksheet for three different year, is it acceptable for SCE. Because they asking for three attachments

Yes it should be OK as long as it shows your duration (Years) of education in the consolidated marksheet.

Thanks to All replier,
I got my temperoray membership and i want to know how much time it will take to get permenant membership number.

I have same problem can you contact me.

Hi Ali  i found this in on of our search thread,
That what to do to get permenant membership
I will also do the same

Were you able to get the solution for this? I have been told that the following needs to be done once you get the temporary membership. Provide the Temporary membership number to the HR department in your office. They will go to Jawazat with the required documents (Translated degree, Iqama and passport copies) and request for profession change as per your degree. Once you get approval, you have to request SEC to update Iqama and pay 100 Sr for that. After that the status turns to green and you will become a permanent member.

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