Employment to family visa without NOC ?


I am working in organisation where my employment is about to get expire in the month of April 2018 and I have already given notice to the company. My company accepted my resignation and they are threatening that they cannot provide NOC. I already settled here with my kids and they are in husband's visa.

Would it possible to change to my husband sponsorship under family visa without NOC. Could anybody assist to my query please.


Hi owd oman,

As per the Ministry of Manpower rules, you cannot shift your visa from your employer's to your husband's  - without a NOC.

If your employer fears that with the NOC you will take up another job, then it is up to you to convince your employer that that is not your intent - if true.

Alternatively, you can ask your husband to check with his company PRO if an NOC would be required to add you on family joining visa status.

Thanking you for your response. It is completely disappointing. But companies like these  if they do this way like threatening by NOC what should I have to do. I am really helpless.

Although I have resigned very formally after 4 years of completion and that too I coming out only in the end of expiry date,  How does we approach them.

As told will have to check with my  Husband PRO regards this.

Hi owd oman,

This is exactly why the NOC is so unfair for the expatriate employee, while is overly favouring the employer.

If you have been following the multitudes of discussions and debates, on the pros and cons of the NOC, held across multiple social networking sites, besides here, you will understand the gravity of the situation.

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