Visa cancellation

My visa is expiring in February 2018. We agreed with my sponsor to transfer to a new sponsor,now he is threatening to cancel my contract instead of transfer as agreed. Can he cancel the contract without my consent or signature? And can I find a new sponsor even with a cancelled visa while still in Oman and not get banned? And how long do I have to exit the country?

Hi everyone.

I've been working here in Oman for 5 months now, but I'm planning to resign for some reason my boss is not giving me day off, not even once.[/i].[/i][/i] But before doing so, i also wanted to make sure that i will not be put in trouble.

I want to know what are the possible circumstances that i might be facing and What is the best thing that i will do to avoid them.

Im pretty sure that my boss will not give me release since im the only one who knows the work in their coffee shop. And if i will leave, their business will close.
So what im planning is, just have my working visa cancelled and go to other GCC country like UAE.

please help! And by the way my boss is not a good boss. So i want to know what are the possible issue that they will give me. Just want to be ready.

Hi Equinox_23,

If any sponsor / employer wants to make his expatriate employee's life miserable (for whatever reason), they can do so quite easily through a variety of ways and means.

So it is best that you prepare yourself by meeting with your local embassy officials. Explain to them with documented evidence of all your company's wrongdoings. Let the embassy officials guide you on the proper and legal course of action to be taken.

Never, ever try to do anything on your own against your employer. For the odds will be stacked against you.

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