Didn't Joined company after receiving Work Visa

Hey everyone,

I am Ahsan from Pakistan. I received work visa from a company based in Oman. However, I could not travel to Oman in due time and meanwhile the company withdrew its offer.
Now my question is whether I am eligible to work in any other company in Oman or I am under any ban or restriction to enter Oman with work Visa? Thanks for your insights in this regard.

Hi Ahsanakbar,

A visa once issued remains valid for a period of 3-months from the date of issue. So your employment visa too would have to be left untouched for that said period. Upon completion, an employer / sponsor can cancel that visa stating that the person has not come.

Since you have not entered the Sultanate and has not used that visa, you do not have any concerns - except the 3-months of waiting before some other employer / sponsor reapplying for your visa.

Some other probabilities are possible too. But those few and far between - where there has been some dispute between the prospective employee and the sponsor / employer.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments Sumitran!

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