Keeping in touch while living in New Zealand

Hello everyone,

What are the best ways you've found for keeping in touch with friends and family back home while living in New Zealand? How frequently do you stay in touch with loved ones?

Are there local equivalents to common instant messaging and online video calling services that you prefer or are more widely used?

If there is a sizeable time difference, how do you manage this?

Do you make international phone calls from a landline or mobile phone from New Zealand? What do you think of the cost?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


NZ is considered as either the first or the last part of the world. The shortest distance flight from NZ to anywhere in the world is either Australia or Fiji. Rest of the whole world is 10+ hours of flights away from NZ.

Its very easy to stay connected with the family, though the timings are yet a big concern. Whatsapp / Skype audio and video calls are very common here for the people who are mostly from Asian countries. But the mobile companies usually provide good packages for the international calls too.

I use a Voice Over IP, (VOIP) device.  I have tried several with varying results in clarity. The one that I have been using for the last 5 years is Vonage.  I have used it in England, Costa Rica, Italy and, of course, here. VOIP allows me to make calls to the states and allows the relatives to call me.  It is a device that is indepedant of my computer, so I do not have to leave that on, nor do I have to adhere to a schedule.  The family can call me at anytime, especially if there is an emergency.

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