Accredited Employer Work Visa - Advice needed

Hi everyone, I'm new to and I am seeking advice regarding my AEWV application.

My partner and I were both offered jobs within the same company and we both applied for an AEWV at the same time, but separate applications. We are both from the UK and currently offshore. The job is within tourism and hospitality. We are both on the same salary, at which working 30hrs per week is over the median wage although working 40hrs per week would fall under the median wage. Our employment agreement seems quite standard and I feel like they give the same document to all new employees, just changing the name. It states full time employees generally work a minimum of 30hrs per week and a maximum of 40hrs per week, if agreed.

In our offer of employment letter, it states that we will work 30hrs per week, which is what we always agreed with our employer. My partners application was granted, no issues, but mine needs further information as the Immigration Officer wants me to upload a document to show more consistent maximum hours, claiming that if I worked 40hrs per week, I'd fall under the median wage. I uploaded the employment agreement and offer of employment under the same PDF file so there is every chance they may not have seen the offer of employment stating the hours agreed as it would have been right at the bottom of the document. Would uploading the offer of employment letter stating that I will work 30hrs per week sufficient evidence? More importantly If not, would they give me another opportunity to provide evidence or just decline the application? It's frustrating that my partner had no issues, despite us uploading the same documents.

I've tried FB groups and nobody seems to be able to help. I'm not looking for official immigration advice as I know that's not allowed. I'm just trying to figure out the best possible solution so we can both head over together and most importantly, so that my visa doesn't get declined.