What to send to NZ and what to let go when moving

We are currently in the planning/starting stages of preparing for a move from US to NZ.  One of the biggest things that we are dealing with currently is what we should try to get rid of or bring with us.  Any advice on this would be appreciated.  I feel like I have gotten conflicting advice: just sell it all and start fresh or get a whole container and shove everything and the kitchen sink in there.

We are a family of three and will likely be renting a 2-bedroom in NZ.

What I have noticed is that many people might be moving from places with the same voltage (albeit different plugs).  We will not be bringing any plug-in appliances as we would require converters etc.  The only thing my husband wants to bring are his battery-powered tools as he can buy a charger for the battery packs in NZ.

I am looking for advice specifically on: larger/wood/outdoor furniture, camping gear, artificial Christmas tree and ornaments (for some reason I have heard these are hard to bring in?).    Will these types of items potential delay customs?

What did you do when you moved? Did you feel it was the right way to do it, or do you think you would've done something different?

Thanks for your advice in advance!

Everything that you are leaving back in USA are available here in NZ.
The cost involved in shipping goods to NZ are high.

Furniture can be purchased easily from large department type stores as can camping and outdoor gear. Xmas trees ( real) can be bought as can artificial ones along with decorations closer to Xmas.

A Google search will find all this for you.  Good luck with your move and welcome to NZ.

Hi..we are returning in Dec permanently for the second time. Don't bring appliances or much electric unless you have a step down converter. No furniture. Beds are $$$. Bring sheets, towels, stock ( several yrs supply) up on health and beauty supplies, like vitamins shampoo deordarnt make up medication razor blades...all this stuff is smaller qty and expensive. See package.co.nz Costco is being built in sub of Auckland supposed to open next year. You can bring pantry items but must check rules and if you declare it for customs your ok. If you like to decorate your home bring it with because finding it is hard and $$ . Lots of garage sales Salvation Army shops and second hand construction materials shops. Were bringing nails screws painting supplies etc ...things to repair your home. Plastic containers to store things in. Damp rid, space saver bags. We're also bringing several businesses with for self employed. Gardening is a must to save money and processing your food. Ball jars extra lids canners, meat grinder etc.  Hope this gives you an idea.