Please help me to understand the Authenticity of M/s Ranis Construction ,Auckland New Zealand Based Company .
Recently I have Received Offer letter as Sr. Purchase Manager from this company M/s Ranis Construction and I have to join this company by 6th July 2022 .
But I am not sure of this company's existence in Newzealand as per the address provided by them .
Can you please help me out to find the existence of this company at below location .
" 15 Mayoral Drive Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand "

Hi Avinash, first things first... How did you find your interview and initial screening process by that company? Was it formal and genuine enough (For e.g., did you go through the basic 4-5 rounds of interview, were any of those rounds done through a video call).

If answer to above questions are a yes, then check their website, check the location mentioned by them on Google maps, check if they are asking you to pay a fee or any charges towards any visa approval/ flight tickets ( that's a clear hint that they're fraud).

If possible, search for the employees of that organisation and try connecting with them or searching them on a social platform (just to be sure that they are real life people and not just virtual!)
Hello Mamata ,

No formal Interview done ........on the basis of Qualification and experience they called once for formal round of interview and share the job details and salary package ....but yes they have asked to bear VISA processing fees and they will give the Air ticket once visa process.

Now i clearly understand its a fake company...Thanks for making me  note such simple information verification
They have a website and they are a legitimate company at the address you have given.

If the offer is legitimate then they will cover all costs regarding visa and travel to NZ.

You can phone them to check on this.
+64 988 96 574  +64 995 08 474

A Google search will find all the information you need.
Hai Bro! Now what is the status of your Job commencement in that M/s. RANIS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY., Have they issued you the visa, tickets..., Since, I got the mail employment offer letter from them (What to do)! is this fake or real?
Just remember that scammers hack legitimate companies websites and use them to offer jobs which include sending them money.

I suggest you phone the company direct to see if it is a genuine offer.
There's a fake site using that name - I bet they ask for money
Hai All! Now, what is the status of your Job commencement in that M/s? TODD HOTEL .,, Since, I got the mail employment offer letter from them (What to do)! is this fake or real? I REALLY PAID LOTS OF MONEY FOR A VISA TO THEIR NZ EMBASSY INSTRUCTION. AND 6 MONTHS OVER, I DIDN'T GET A SKILLED VISA FROM THEM.