Coming to NZ 2021 ?

I am Laly, French and currently living in Cambodia. I got the chance to leaving in NZ for almost one year in 2011.
I am planning to come back there as the environment, the country, the people and the life style is definitely suiting me better than Cambodia.
I am professional photographer but I know this field is not offering jobs in NZ.
I also have a diploma and experience in hospitality, and I am wondering if you have any contact or advice to share with me.
I had a look at the immigration web site and it looks quiet hard to get a work visa nowadays with the cover 19  travel restrictions.

I will be happy to read your advices.

Have a nice day

Hi @lalylotus just wondering if you had any luck finding work as a foreign photographer in NZ?


This is an old inactive thread and the OP has not posted since.