Hello everyone,

I'm a Colombian citizen looking for a job in NZ starting in January of 2015. I hold a degree in Psychology, but I know
that I need a certificate in order to work on that area, so I would like first to get another job, doesn't matter so much on what, but I would like something related of course with what I studied for 5 years!

I have experience in working with animals, children and in general with people with mental health issues. However, I also has a bartender certificate and some experienced with it, the same as working with refugees, and I had live in other countries, so I know how to share with other cultures.

I would be more than glad if I can get help or advices! Thanks in advance. Best wishes! :)

You should watch the recent segment on Campbell Live titled Highly skilled migrants turned away from Kiwi jobs.

In that show, a doctor from Venezuela describes her inability to gain registration to practise in New Zealand despite having extensive general practice experience, and having become a citizen of New Zealand 12 years ago.