San Francisco to the Wairarapa, sight unseen!

Hello All,

My dual citizenship wife and I are moving to New Zealand as soon as our home here on the south edge of San Francisco sells. She has family all over the north island, and has visited several times. I am moving sight unseen. Well, that's not exactly true anymore, thanks to Google Earth. I've had quite the virtual tour.

We are both active in the arts. Jane is a brilliant negotiator, event producer and venue manager. I sing and dance. We met 25 years ago when she was the stage manager at a venue I was hamming it up in, but only really reconnected 2 years ago after her mom died and she moved into my home as my housemate. We married in Disneyland (yes, *in*) on November 11, 2014.

While I do a couple of travel radio shows and a new blog (, my focus in the states has been business and personal development for Type B professionals. People hire me to provide strategic support for their sustainable success. I call that finding your Sweet Spot, and that's the center of pretty much everything I do. Whether I'm singing or teaching belly dance, speaking or leading online classes, it's all about the Sweet Spot. My professional career is grounded in helping people find and live into their own Sweet Spot where you work enough, get enough sleep, have enough fun. We've all got one.

Jane is bright and funny, an amiable woman who was the youngest Equity rep in the country at one time. An only child of a native New Zealander, she loves the water and is the keeper of the sacred spreadsheets that we are using to manage this move. She helped run the SF Ballet for a long time, and now runs events and does venue management at the Armory in San Francisco. She plays fire trombone in an imaginary punk rock band called Goblin Fruit, which is the whimsical social construct of her closest friends, all "members" of said ersatz band. She loves steampunk.

We have a small brown dog named Miss Mabel, and a ginger tomcat called Louie, who are coming with us. We are rehoming Jane's rescue pigeons Ava and Blind Jenny, and our diamond dove Bijou, with good friends. I tend a food and flower permaculture garden at our home, it provides fresh veggies and pretty blooms, as well as a dancing place for an endangered species of local butterfly as well as food for the bees that provide my honey courtesy of a bee-keeper neighbor. I like to put up my own jams and pickles from what we grow.

Our ETA is somewhere between mid October and the last week of December of this year. We want to buy a caravan and have chosen a darling holiday park in Masterton to live in until we find a piece of property to call home. The caravan will then become a "Guest House" for the bazillion people who have promised to come visit.

We are both disappointed that the Almighty Johnsons TV series is over. We loved it.

Well, that's us. Hail and hello! Salutations. Hiya!

Assorted mush (my standard sign off),

Wow, congratulations! That sounds like you have a very fun life and are about to embark on a new and exciting adventure. San Francisco has always been one of my favorite parts of the US.  Good luck with your move!