Want to relocate to New Zealand

Hi everyone,

My name is Mathilde, I'm French and am 24. New Zealand is THE dream since I'm young and I'm finally getting the courage to leave Europe to go there, it will still take me a few months to save enough money but I'm getting there... Slowly but surely we say! :)

I'd love to meet people who are already living there, (already introduced myself to a few and got very kind and positive reply, so thank you for those:)... My plan would be to buy a car and make a road trip at first with a Holiday and Work visa in order to work and travel at the same time.

I'm a fauna and flora lover and keep dreaming while watching all the possible documentaries I find on the internet about New Zealand. I'm almost afraid I'd love the country so much and wouldn't be able to get a residential VISA, but we'll see about that.

Ideally, I'd like to settle down somewhere after travelling a lot but am afraid of not finding a job as I'm still very young. Living in Malta since four years, I speak fluently English and am currently a translator English to French. Do you think it would be possible for me to find a job there? Having good diploma (Degree in communication/advertisement and License in communication) and already experiences in the iGaming industry, customer care, marketing and translation ?

Thanks a lot for the future answer, if anyone want to add me and give me their advices, I'll gladly read and learn from you. Sorry in advance if I take time to answer but I'm working the whole week.

Have a great day to all! Please, keep posting picture of the Kiwi Land and make me dream :)

Hi Mathilde,

Welcome to Expat.com and thank you for your nice introduction :)

I created a new thread with your post on the New Zealand forum as maybe it will bring more light to your questions and may encourage the other members to interact with you.

Concerning your questions about finding a job, i suggest you to go through the articles found in the Work in New Zealand section please, you will find some interesting information which may really help you.

Any particular area that attracts you the most in New Zealand? ;)

Good luck and wish you all the best,

Priscilla  :cheers:

Very nice inspiring story Mathilde. I got more courage in my procedures for  relocating in NZ.

i would go to NZ with you :) i am an artist ( sculptor ) , also , i love NZ and its nature so much.I need inspiration for my artworks , and NZ is the only country that suits me and my needs :) I recommend Queenstown , wonderful place , my cousin lived there for 4 years , she never complain about anything , people are great , perfect weather ... what more could you want :) Wish you all the best !


I take it you have checked out www.immigration.govt.nz for visa information? You may be able to get a working holiday visa. There is seasonal work in NZ. Check out www.seek.co.nz for jobs or do an online search for work.   
For cost of living www.numbeo.com