Making phone calls in New Zealand


When settling in New Zealand, one of the priorities is to be able to make phone calls.

How to proceed to get a landline installed in New Zealand?

What are the mobile operators?

What is your average monthly budget?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience,


If you are moving here from overseas the cheapest way to call over seas family is via skype. To call the USA from here it is 10 cents to connect and 2 to 3 cents a minute there after.  The price of a decent cell phone plan is around $49 a month. You can pay more or less depending on the plan you choose. You can also pay in advance or pay as you go and purchase minutes and texts in advance and this is often cheaper for people who don't use their phones much. The cell phone companies are 2 degrees, vodaphone and Spark. There are some smaller phone companies that may have cheaper rates but not sure of the coverage area.