Whatsapp Group for NZ Skill Immigration

I wanted to know is there any WhatsApp group for NZ Immigration, where people discuss their cases and get the latest status of other.
I have tried in a number of groups but unable to get in touch with peoples who are migrating to NZ.
All WhatsApp groups are available for Aus/Can immigration.

Awaiting any suitable response.


Are you currently in NZ or still in Pakistan ?

I am in Dubai

akifkhan_nz wrote:

I am in Dubai

We do have a *Telegram* group for NZ immigration and applications for Pakistanis but it is for people who are already in NZ.
However, I would urge you to install the  Telegram app in your phone and private message me your contact number so that I could get you added there.

Thanks a lot for your response.

HI everyone , I am looking for a WhatsApp group or Telegram group for Newzland immigration , where I can get all my doubts clarified . Kindly if anyone have any information about the group please do share with me here.

Hi sir, do you have the Newzealand watsapp / telegram group link with you . I am  planning to do my migration process for NZ and have many doubts which needs to be clarified before applying it . Kindly help .

We too are going through the migration process.
The starting point could be through the New Zealand Immigration web site, which has comprehensive guidance that will be most helpful.
Because we live far away, we have chosen to use a specialist company called PATHWAYS, who take on YOUR case for YOU, and deal with immigration for you. It is fairly expensive but having the experience  and knowledge, we feel is money well spent.
Be prepared as New Zealand have many requirements.
Good luck.

Hi, there,
My name is waqas and i was looking to get added to nz immigration telegram group, can you manage to add me there for i plan to go there for work.