Interviews: expats in New Zealand

Hi all,

We are setting up a new section on the website focused on you! The “Interviews” section will indeed feature expats all over the world.

We are then looking for testimonies of people living in New Zealand interested in sharing their experience.

If you would like to participate, feel free to contact me on this thread or by private message. Thank you in advance ;).



yes am interested


Hi Zulfi,

Thank you for your message: I am glad you would like to participate.
I will contact you by PM.

We are still looking for expat stories to share in the Interviews section: should you want to participate, feel free to leave a message on the forum ;).



I am very happy to join also
please let me know if you will arrange this plane

Am very interested to get in.

I want to do it too.

Great :). I will send you more details by PM.

Count me too   :cool:

Hello! We would love to participate in an expat interview

Here's our blog - it should be added to your site shortly (submitted my request already)

Thanks, Jenna & Jordan from Living a Kiwi Life

I am interested.

I am also very intrestes in getting knowledge regarding interviews by co for New Zealand immigration

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hello ,

I am interested.


Hey, count me on too!

It will be helpful section, waiting for it

  Please help me with Co interview questions.


Google this and you will find out.

I will really like to paticipate

hello mr dan I am looking to contact you please

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