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I have got an offer from a company in Muscat for the designation Accountant. I had already submitted all my attested Original certificates, Photos, Visa medical etc to the company 1 month back.  2 weeks later they informed me that they have already applied for the employment visa and the application is rejected and dont need to worry and they will resubmit the application after clearing the issue. After that couple of days back I have contacted the company and they are saying they resubmitted the application already and they didnt get any reply from ROP till date.( 1.5 week passed after the resubmission of Application ) and it is unable to get the actual status why they are holding this process. They are also stating that ROP is not issuing any professional visas for foreigners because of Omanisation and if any updates from ROP to company they will informing.

If any one reading this Kindly let me know if any Issue in alloting professional visa for foreigners?? Is it any chance for holding the visa processing as per the Omanisation?? Is it not possible for company for enquire or ask explanation to ROP for their newly Applied employment visa ??
Kindly anyone who knows about this pls give a reply...

Hi noufalagafoor,

Issuing a 'labour clearance' and the employment visa is dependent on the employer / sponsor / company meeting many needed requirements.

Even if any of those prerequisites are not met in full, the process of hiring an expatriate employee would be put on hold until the requirements are all satisfactorily cleared.

Often times even the employer would be in the dark as to the time duration need for the authorities to provide them with the clearance. This is very common.

To know all about the possible reasons for the delay, you can refer to the numerous discussions on the same subject, already available in the forum.

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Dear sumitran ,

I am on visit visa in oman,company is offering me a ROP visa I am agree with the visa they are providing 1. Can you please brief me what is ROP Visa and its benefits and negative side? 2.they say that they have forward docs to head office and they are after my visa so how much time doest it take for ROP VISA to be issued?

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Hi ilsghadiyali53,

What is a 'ROP Visa' ?? (There is no such thing as a 'ROP Visa') !!

And which company is offering you that ??

This is sounding like a shady deal.

You better watch out.

Khimji ramdas is the one who is offering me this visa mentioning that this visa is an Royal Oman police visa 2.you cannot call your family on this visa.3.and once you are on this visa and leave this company then ROP will raise an alert and you will be ban from all GCC COUNTRIES. This is all what I have been told.please guide me.


I would certainly not recommend you to opt this. It would eventually bound you for many unknown restrictions. If you're employed by Khimji Ramdas and your visa is issued by any other state department, this is first of all considered as illegal. Secondly, despite the fact that you can't call your family, it should be noted that you will have ample issues while travelling to your country (or to get your annual leaves approvals). Such visas, to the best of my knowledge, are on high checks and all your movements are recorded, regardless of any purpose.

You need to talk to the KR HR to issue a legalized visa which should state your employment title and belongs to KR.

Thanks a brother...you have been helpful.

Hi @schaz, just a thought - I suspect @ilsghadiyali53 is actually talking about the normal/legit employment visa itself - issued by ROP (employment visas are issued by ROP, right?), not allowed to bring in families (unless they've obtained their family visa), and cannot leave just at the drop of a hat (NOC, and other formalities need to be sorted out- but maybe being banned in all GCC is a bit overblown).

@ilsghadiyali53, as to not miss out on a valid opportunity, I hope you will inquire and clarify further with the potential employer. Sometimes different words carry different connotations when referring to the same thing.

Hi ilsghadiyali53,

What modjo says seems highly likely.

The reason for my saying it is because I know Khimji Ramdas well. They have been around for ages. They are the country's oldest business conglomerate. And it is next to impossible for them to cheat on such issues as an expatriate's employment visa. They would never do it. Khimji Ramdas has so much of brand equity and goodwill that if they want a via, they will get it, easily.

So in all likelihood, you are getting a regular employment visa only. The points which you have listed needs to be seen in their correct context. Pull them out of context, they will seem fraudulent only.

And, like schaz says, all you must ascertain is that the visa issued to you bears the correct designation and your job description, with Khimji Ramdas as the sponsor.

Dear All,

I have submitted original medical 1 week ago company says that the process for visa will take 15 to 20 days,what will be the time frame?

ilsghadiyali53 :

Dear All,

I have submitted original medical 1 week ago company says that the process for visa will take 15 to 20 days,what will be the time frame?

Hi ilsghadiyali53,

No one would know better than the company PRO who has applied for your employment visa.

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