About oman (muscut) visas

Hai everyone
I am currently working in muscut and getting 650 riyals
I am just married and I want to apply visa for my wife and submitted all the documents
But now they are saying in marriage certificate the initials of the name should be in full form but in ours certificate only name with initials are there
Please tell me is it necessary for the initials to be in full form because they are telling that the visa will be rejected
Please answer

Hi Swaroop123456789,

Who exactly are the "they" that you are referring to ?

If the "they" are the Ministry officials, then you just have to do what is asked for.

You must consult this issue with your company PRO who would be front-ending the whole process between you and the ministry.

Take your PRO's advice, because if anybody can help you, it is only your company PRO.

They means visa brokers

Hi Swaroop123456789,

First of all, in Oman, there are no legal, official, or authorised "visa brokers", or agents.

If you are dealing with such people, you should know that you are dealing with illegal, underground, fly-by-night scamsters.

If you are employed, then only your employer or sponsor can do the required paperwork to bring your wife over on your family joining visa. No one else can. Have a chat about it with your company PRO and he will tell you how to go about it.

Just so that you know, the Family Joining Visa applications cannot even be submitted by any other third party, other than by the PRO of the company where you are legally employed, or by the sponsor for whom you are working.

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