Wine & germany

I'm Erwan, 38 (soon). :)
wine amateur since 10 years, will get the key of the new house in Germany in 10 days!
where: Heidelberg.
sounds like there are great wines in Germany, I want to discover them ( :top: ) and I thought sharing some of my future findings.
You may do the same by sharing explicit German wine pictures with a short comment on why you recommand it.
Let's start!

Germany is (in wine terms) a country of many small growers, who process their grapes and market the wines themselves. The best wines come from small wineyards and are only sold locally.
That makes it difficult for me to test your recommendations of great wines you find in the Heidelberg area (which I won"t be able to buy here), neither can you get the favourite from my neighbourhood ("Salucci" from the Genossenschaft Uhlbach). My brother (who studied there) still claims the best German wines are some heavy reds from Freiburg, but I didn't have the chance yet to try them.