Sports in Germany

Hello everyone,

The Olympic Games are now just a few days away and we would like to talk about sports.

What sports are the most popular and/or unusual in Germany?

Are sports facilities easily accessible there? Where and how can one find sports clubs in the region?

Are there sports events regularly held in the country?

And you? What is your favourite sport? Which one(s) do you practice in Germany?

Thank you in advance,


Virtually every town or village in Germany has public (free to use) sports facilities and one or more non-profit sports clubs ("Sportverein"), often in addition to private and/or commercial facilities that can be booked for a fee.
Swimming pools are also plentiful, but have entrance fees even when public (due to the high running costs).
The most popular sports in Germany are probably soccer and tennis, but most sports clubs offer a wide range of activities and there is hardly any kind of exotic sports one cannot find in Germany - from Scottish log throwing, Japanese Sumo, Brazilian Capoeira to even American football.
In addition, many Germans are into individual and/or outdoor sports like trekking, cycling, etc.
Yearly membership fees at the public clubs is very modest and they are a perfect way to find friends as a foreigner.

Let's not forget ice hockey, Germany's highest league is the DEL.  I always enjoyed going to Frankfurt Lions games'.  The team has since folded, the but league goes on in many others cities across the country, and there are other leagues also.

Germany is also a hub of professional boxing in Europe, so there's often good fights happening, and there are boxing gyms for those that want to get involved.

Soccer is the most popular sport here. handball, volleyball &basketball are also played a lot. I used
to play Tennis but not any more due to a knee injury. What are your sports ?