any singaporeans in germany

I m living in Germany since 2005. married!

wonder if there are any Singaporeans living in Germany???

does anyone have any idea about the use of Medisave account for dental treatment overseas!!dental cost is so expensive in germany ... plse share information and would like to keep in touch with fellows Singaporeans

Hello there!
I've been in Berlin for 2 months now. On internship, so i'll be here till November. Haven't explored outside of Berlin yet. But i really should! If I do end up in Stuggart, I'll let you know! :)

Unfortunately, I've got no clue about how Medisave works for overseas claims. Sorry! I got my teeth cleaned and checked on my last trip back in Singapore. hehe.

There's a facebook group for Singaporeans in Germany... maybe you can try asking people there. They might have an answer to your question! ;)

cheers from berlin, yy

Hi kklr! Maybe you could contact Singaporean expat members on this site, they might know more and could advice you.

See the link for contacts:

Singaporean expatriates in Germany.

Good luck