Music day in Germany

Hello everyone,

Music day will be celebrated this 21st of June across the world. It is an opportunity for new expatriates and expats-to-be to discover and get excited about new ways of celebrating this special day in Germany. Would you be able to answer a few questions to make sure no one misses out on the best events?

Is Music day popular in Germany?

Tell us about how it is usually celebrated? What activities are usually organised?

Are there traditional activities on Music day (street concerts, festivals etc.)?

Is there a not-to-be-missed event or a place-to-be on Music day?

What do you have planned for this 21st of June?

Please share your experience,


Never heard of this in Germany. Music is pervasive at most of the many public (and private) festivals and events, so I see no reason there would be extra events just to celebrate one more made up "special day".

Hello everyone,
Music day? Never heared! Its not popular here in Germany. Its nice to know.
Thank you,

Hello All,

I have never heard of  "Music day" in Germany, Not sure if this a new trend now.