Any good music festivals from june-august?

Interested in going to a few music festivals over summer preferably in Germany but if there's better options outside Germany, i'm up for any suggestions :)

You're moving to Paderborn right...might like the HURRICANE (early June) festival it's up there, general mix of music. In Belgium: WERCHTER ROCK (late June) or NL: Down the Rabbit Hole (the smaller, sort of psychedelic alternative rock themed)...there are a lot of smaller festivals such as the Tempel Folk Festival in Duisburg which is free.

yeah paderborn, okay thanks i will look them up! You're from Bonn? Have you ever been to Paderborn?

twice....but didn't see mich - just sort of passing through, There is a university and british military nearby so thoug it is a smaller city there is a bit of that international type of feeling, I'm sure you will like it....definitely get/bring a bicycle, there are bike paths along the river/canals there.

Two more festivals in June - Rock am Ring (it's moved from the tracks to an airfield...west Germany near Bonn/Koblenz...heavier on the metal/guitar rock).   PINKPOP is mid June...In NL, just over the border from Aachen...more mixed. One a little later in Luxembourg is Rock a Field (something like that) ...