Yrjontytar construction company

Hi there
Does anybody have idea about the finnish company named "Yrjontytar Construction"? Please let me know about the company i.e., how good the company is and it's management...


I would be careful with that "company".

I went to check their webpages to see what kinda information there is about it. At first glance there was something wrong. This company is supposed to be finnish, building things in Finland, yet they only have web pages in english. Finns want their web pages to be in finnish because there are some finns who don't speak english well.

The second issue with the company is that it's supposed to be an old company, founded years ago. So I checked their business ID in the finnish business registry where every registered company can be found(I know because I'm a registered businessowner, the registration goes automatically) http://www.ytj.fi/english/yrityshaku.as … elikoodi=3 There was no company with that Bis-ID. I then used the name of the company, Yrjöntytär. There was no registered company like that.

I also checked their VAT number at http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/vieshome.do where every registered company is part of too. There was no company with that VAT number.

I also checked the address of the company, Lehtisaarentie 7 in Helsinki. It's a home address, in a home district full of terrace houses. For such an established company, having no real office is again very strange.

It could be a real company, but to me it sounds fishy.

Sorry for double post but I think it needs to be said.

I read up and found a forum with discussion about this company, someone being asked to pay the company for some worker id chip.

So let me say this, you NEVER EVER EVER have to pay the employer to get a job here. Never. All paperwork needed to work here is done by you and it's paid (if payment is needed) in offcial state offices, such as the police or the embassy, NEVER to the company itself.