Career prospect in Finland after masters for an international student

Greetings everybody,
I want to come to Finland for masters degree. But, I had some queries regarding the job opportunities after masters there. I did my Bachelors in Electronics & Communication on my home country Nepal and now I am applying for Masters on electrical engineering in Finland's university.
I don't have any issues related to the odd jobs that one might have to do during studies. But, my main question was,,
How are the chances of getting course related job after completing studies in Finland for an international student..?

Any answer would be a great help.
Thank you. :)


You're question is quite hard to answer because everything is related to skills and to figure that company is looking for.  And luck! And of course an international company is more likely to hire a foreigner.

nowadays there are also many unemplyed finnish people that just finished master's  but i also know people to have succeeded very well. So like i said it's a tough question to answer :)

Thank you, mystikal86..
that's really helpful.. :)

S, it is good that you are prepared to do 'odd jobs' while studying, but you should try to get hold of work related to your own field already as a student. Finnish companies expect you to have work experience upon graduation! Of course, you can't work at jobs that require the degree, but something as close to it as possible.

And then you should try to network. Don't spend all the time just studying, you can sometimes allow yourself to go to student parties and get to know the people you are studying with. They can then put in a good word for you when they get hired and their company is hiring again.

I think, I am getting the idea now..
Thank you citizen1, appreciate it.. :)