Moi :) job in Lahti/ Helsinki/ Tampere

hey there:)
I am curious can anybody help me with some suggestions about getting a job in Finland? i was in a visit there, (near Lahti), and stayed three months.. i was entitled in a course of finnish language, for beginners of course, and now I am planning to go for  a longer time :) but of course..job is needed. I graduated as an English teacher (BA and spec.Art of English language and Literature). I also speak Italian, Serbian and Croatian. I was first thinking to work as a nanny, at least for some time, but I am afraid that it can't be the only source of earning money for a living, since costs of living in Finland are...well, different than I am used to :) Why Finland..well, because the climate is perfect, for me. People are so honest and kind (I know, shy too, but they surely aren't shy on weekends, as i have seen :), corruption (I am from Montenegro and thus that corruption thing really made an impression on me), as well as attitude of fins towards people of any race/color...amazing country. just amazing. and the most beautiful nature i have ever seen. and of course-her majesty sauna:) ok, i already typed too much. :)

anyone willing to help anyhow, or simply talk/share love for this  beautiful pace..feel free to contact me :)


Hi Marija

I wish you good luck finding job, I am not sure how good you speak Finnish but I am sure you could find job working for cleaning companies for starters like ISS. Also I don't know if you are allowed to work there because Montenegro is not EU country yet. Maybe companies could provide you with working visa?

Greetings from Ireland.

thank you for your reply :)

I could get a working visa, i already made some research about it. that's the only way (besides getting married for a stranger, and that is not my kind of thing really) for getting a permit.

i am searching trough web all the time something, but usually jobs are found in a different way. but i can't be in Finland all the time, unfortunately.

my finnish is not so good, since i've been there only 3 months. diploma that i received after taking a course is called ""Survival Finnish'', so . i guess i can only survive using it :)

than you for your reply once again. xx

Have you seek in the page
There you can find different kind of jobs and maybe
Something related with you career. Good luck :-)

Palitus, going to check it now! kiitos! :*

Ole hyvä :-)