I want to work in Finland

Hello, sorry to bother you, my name is Rinat, I'm from Kazakhstan, I want to work in Finland, please tell me what needs to be done for this, what options are there, thank you for your understanding, best regards, Rinat

Start with google.

Are there employers looking for people with your skills?

Are they allowed to hire expats?


Hello and welcome !

Please read the following article : Find a job in Finland

and create your CV in the Jobs in Finland section for better exposure.




My name is AGBELU PATRICIA EWARIEZI am from Nigeria i we like to work in Finland am a good lady and am very strong strong there is no type of job i can not do, pls help me to get is job .

Hope to hear from u soon

Thank you


Hello and welcome !

Please read my post just above yours.

We can not find you a job. The forum is meant for exchanging information on how someone can land a job and you can easily find these resources in the Guide.