Need held to find appt and job pls help

iam indian form goa trying to come in finland next month is it hard to get a job  for server or housekeepin or in bar dept.iam experience in this industry if anyone can share appt i will be rellay appricate so that i can find my job.iam holding a portugues passport

Hi markk200!

For the job and the accommodation, you should maybe take a look at the Findland classifieds > Jobs section and accommodation section respectively.

It may contain some good plans for you.

You may even post an ad there, this should help.

All the best,

Note that if you want to work anywhere where food is served, you will need something called Hygiene pass. If you want to serve drinks in a bar, you need to have a permit for that too.

can u tell me what is the first step when i reach there in finland and where i had to do the higiene test and how do i get permit pls help iam a newcomer.

For hygiene pass:

I'm not sure where to find information on the alcohol permit other that contacting the school Edupoli. You could also visit the nearest job agency and ask them, I'm sure they can help with finding education for both of them. The hygiene proficiency permit is a day course, so it doesn't take long. Again I'm not sure about the alcohol permit. Note that both of these cost around 50-80€ each to get.

If you plan on studying the restaurant industry these courses are included in the study plan.

I'm sorry I can't help more as it was ages since I did my course and there was no special arrangement to get mine done. I believe that if you want to do it in any other language but finnish or swedish, they have to special order the test in english directly from the people who make it.

thank you for your kind information monstarcookie your info help me lot.