I am coming to Finland as a student

Hello all lovely ppl here. I am coming to Finland as a student, i wanted to ask if a student can work in Finland and can afford his/her cost?
And is it really impossible2 get a job over there?
Does Finnish language matter alot in cases of getting a job?

Thank You....!


I guess it's mentioned in your student residence permit sticker already; that you are allowed to work an average of 25 hours per week!!

Instead of running here & there or filling out 1000 online applications, I'll suggest you to always go in person to the catering agencies in Finland with your CV to chance for a starting position as dish washer, cleaner or assistant waiter, restaurant helper etc

And what do you expect from the language?
It's the same case if a Finnish expat come to live and find work in your country? Will he be able to manage with the Bangladeshi language? At least not at the beginning!! So....

However, the jobs I've suggested to you, do not really require good Finnish language, English will be fine but at least your English must be good enough..Or pretend that it is :)

So Good Luck

Best Regards

Thank You very much for your precious opinion.
I'm pretty much satisfied :) tht i will get a job be tht any kind... thanks..!

but cud u also plz tell me that by doing the above mentioned jobs will I be paid enuf to afford my student life style?

I mean are the pay rates sum what OK?

Well, it depends on YOUR lifestyle!!

Do you usually cook at home or eat outside(Restaurants, Mc Donald etc).

Do you smoke, drink, enjoy clubbing often?

Basically, your HOAS (Student Accomodation) is around EUR 250/month.

A student discounted travel card is EUR 21/month.

Around EUR 15/week or EUR 60/month is enough for food.(home cooking)

Basic expenses are roughly around EUR 330/month.
Generally, a budget of EUR 400/month will be fine for you to live a decent life.

As far as jobs salary is concerned, basic rate is in the range of EUR 9 - 10 per hour, depending on location, company or job position.

Therefore, if you manage to work for at least 15 - 20 hours per week or 60 - 80 hours per month( incl. tax), you will enjoy Finland while working and studying at the same time.

You just have to focus on your vision, be disciplined, choose your friends, work hard and be courageous. Your goal will be inevitable :)

Wish you best of luck

Thanks amillion...tht was exactly what I wanted to know.
Good shot! :)

are MBA programmes also free of cost for foreigners?
Or is it only the bachelor degrees?

Thanks again.

Hello queen of Heartz and welcome to Expat.com!

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I hope that other members like kumar.singh will help you. :)


kumar singh is the only one guy who help lot giving more ideas.

If the studies is free for a finn, it's free for foreigners.

It all pretty much depends on where you are going to study. Helsinki will be easier than other places but with a lot higher living expenses.

Cleaning jobs apparently is easy to get for a foreigner, but you have to be REALLY careful and make sure that you're not getting tricked. Sometimes cleaning companies love to take foreigners (especially students) and then try to scam them because they know little or no finnish. Know your rights and stand up for yourself! And if you're unsure, ask one of your fellow finnish students for help. Ofcourse this isn't always the case, but it has happened.

The other thing is.... as a student you do not have the same rights and don't get the same amount of aid as someone classed as a refugee. The same applies for people that come from "safe" countries, that is, a country that isn't in crisis such as US or Canada. Refugees have special rights and most likely some finnish companies get aid for employing a refugee.

It's not impossible to get a job, and you can get enough money to survive and live a student life (don't expect to get a lot of extra money that is :D ), however, it is not going to be easy, no matter what Kumar says :P It has a lot to do with luck and being at the right place the right time.

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I am going to apply for admissions in Finland universities in January and based on my research I have found that all the universities have entrance exams and aptitude tests, and interviews. It all sounds very daunting to me.
Can someone please tell me how hard or easy it is to get into a Finnish university and how can I prepare myself for the entrance exams?
I am applying for Bachelors in Nursing and Healthcare or Physiotherapy or Education for children with special needs.

I would really appreciate if someone could guide me.