Living and working in Finland as a British/Turkish citizen

Hi there,

I've been researching some European countries to live and work in and have whittled the options down to a few, Finland among them.

My queries are based on the possibility of me and my partner living and working in Finland.  Firstly, I am English and fluent in English and Turkish (know some Finnish!) and have an aptitude for languages. I am 23 and in my last two years of an open university course that I started here in the UK. Any jobs in Finland for me would, I understand, be menial and unskilled at present.

My partner however is Turkish and has completed a masters degree in psychology here in the UK. She is a Turkish citizen and here on a student visa. She has expressed interest in looking for work elsewhere in Europe since the UK is not full of opportunities for her. She speaks fluent English and Turkish. My main question is what are the job prospects like for a new psychology masters graduate who is a Turkish citizen? My secondary question is what are the job prospects in Finland like for me as a (currently) unskilled 23 year old white English speaking male?

Thanks in advance!

Paljon kiitoksia!

Spoke to a friend there and they say that without fluency in Finnish I'll end up working as a cleaner (1000e per month) or delivering ads to houses for less than 20e a day. If I get lucky, I could work in a pizza place for 900e per month.

Yeah. I know for a fact that there are e.g. Indian software programmers working in Finland with no Finnish, as that's more of a back office job. Working with people, you need Finnish.

If you are not shy, you might work as an artist's model at an art school. I know a German guy who started out here that way. He sounded happy. I believe it pays around 15€/h. But of course that's not a solution for the masses. They need only so many models.

You probably need to wed your girlfriend in order for her to stay here.