Mexican seeking job opportunity in Finland

Hello Everybody  :D

I am looking for a job in Finland, in any city. I speak fluent English, spanish and basic Finnish, I still learning finnish language. I am currently working in Mexico, I'm Musician and Sales representative. Also I'm music teacher and I teach spanish language, and I can also work as an aupair.  ;)

I would like to seek opportunity in Finland cause I always wanted to live in there, (is the country of my dreams), and I want to develop my skills in any area, share my knowledge with other people, meet new people and learn more about Finland and Music.

If you know for a job opportunity please let me know, I can send you my CV, and have an interview by Skype. I'm ready to move soon if is needed.

Thank you so much!! :par:


If you want m'y opinion change your Dream hère thé People are not easy to aproache and the weather here is not for you
Message from a french guy living in riihimaki for 6 month

Sorry I'll not change that... I had been in finland before, and you don't know me to say that things, if you don't like to live there is you experience and I respect you but you can't talk anything about me and not everyone will think or feel the same than you..


Hi  you had à dream
I did an offer to you  (via bed room and food free one or two months in Finlande to find à job . more if it s nessesary
From This time no news,simply be polite to give an answer  (possible,yes or no)

I'm sorry. I already wrote you.


Este no es el país más fácil para vivir y construir tu carrera, es difícil pero no imposible.

Pero definitivamente si quieres conseguir un trabajo aqui, tienes que estar aqui físicamente, a menos que tinegas un perfil super especializado, con estudios avanzados y habilidades extraordinariamente únicas que no se encuentran fácilmente acá, a larga distancia yo diría que es punto menos que imposible conseguir un trabajo.

Aún estando aqui el mercado de trabajo es extremadamente dificil para los extranjeros, pero al menos te pueden conocer en vivo.

Cosa aparte es el tema de la visa, que la empresa que te contrate tiene que tramitar y pagar, no lo más fácil del mundo, solo las compañías grandes lo hacen, como Nokia solía hacerlo por muchos años.

Mucha suerte!

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The country of your dreams?Finland?