FILIPINO looking for a job in FINLAND

Good Day! Sir/Ma'm

              Im looking for a job anywhere as long as its in Finland and an English speaking company, i have a lot of experience in hospitality industry, Positions that forces you to meet and serve certain people with certain levels of profile, which gave me a great knowledge of customer service. I am a Casino Dealer, And looking for an opportunity to always better myself in every aspect as a professional and i really think Finland can give me that opportunity. Thank you so much in advance everyone

       I am always open to any job offer that may help me as a professional to improve my career

Customer facing jobs in a foreign country often require knowledge of the local language; that being Finnish.  You can only improve your chances by learning it!

With that said, please search/post your CV in the JOBS section.

Romaniac Experts Team

Noted sir, i am now considering other job position.. really thanks sir