Moving to Riyadh soon

I am in need of more information about Riyadh. I am awaiting an offer letter from a university and was wondering what is the expected salary for someone who has a masters degree in English education and have been teaching for 16 yrs. What kind of things should I look for in my package. I have a son and my husband will be joining me. He's is a writer, will it be easy for him to obtain a job once he is there? Also, What are the best compounds to live in near KASU-H and the American International School? Can a different color Abaya be worn or only black?


I dont have much here, but u can use different colors for Abaya, not a colorful one of course, discrete ones. I live in Arabian Homes and it is very nice. sorry I cannot help much with the rest of your queries.



I'm a male teacher myself and have been working in KSA for almost 5 years. The starting salary for someone with a related degree could start anywhere from 13000sr to 18000sr, then on top of that they will provide you with housing allowance or an all female accommodation. You will also be entitled to transportation allowance or they may provide you a driver, most likely the later as your a female.

You do have alot of experience which will definitely help towards the higher pay package, Oh yes they should also provide you with 2 tickets per year.

In terms if your son, if he has an English degree then chances of him finding a job are quite high, on the other hand he can work privately, I. Tutor, essay writing but it's not really allowed.

But before you accept any offer make sure it's a contract and not a job offer, trust me been here long enough to know the difference, and clarify your accommodation because they will offer you the riches but then be put in a dump, we'll something that just does the job.

Anyways hood luck

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