How to make friends in Haute Savoie

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals or expatriates) when you're living in Haute Savoie :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Haute Savoie??

Thanks in advance for your participation

Hi My name is Ivaldete, I'm from Brazil, I lived in Peoria, IL, USA for three years and now i'm back in Frence, Haute savoie, very close to Geneva I'm looking to meet american's people to inprove my english, does anyone knows if there's a american's community in Geneva, Haute Savoie that I can join? Thanks


Hi Aussie78, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

The title of this discussion is "How to make friends in Haute Savoie".
(a little bit off topic) so, i would suggest you to start a new topic on the forum with title "life in Haute Savoie" and ask your questions. :)

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Try out Glocals: an International Expat Community in Switzerland

I use it and I'm very grateful for the friends I have gotten to know through it. It's quite great

If you like snow, and mountain sports, you can joint a group to do climbing or ski and you will find nice people there.

I think that before you move to haute savoie, you should try it out for a week or 2, not like a tourist but trying to mix with people. they are, I think not very friendly in the first place, but then , once they open up they are very nice people.

Hi there,
I try to organize events with my association-English speakers Association of Haute Savoie. We do semi regular family events like Halloween parties, sports days and such (at the mo there are about 40 families). We've also just created a monthly girly night out in the Annemasse/Bonneville area. There were 21 of us ladies! plus a mother/father and baby/pre-schooler group which is about every second week. [Moderated: No Self-promotion at your very first post]

Hello, I'm an au pair currently in grenoble, I have family in Haute Savoie, it is immense! I want to live there one day! But anyway, I will be in Douvaine area in the month of July and some of august, so if you want/need a babysitter while you go out and make friends send me an e-mail.

I would say the best place to make friends would probably be by Lac Leman, I would either go to, yvoire or the port of sciez... There are usually things going on and I would just start talking to people.

there are a few websites where you can find people to share an activity, i mean you may enter "cinema + Avatar + Tuesday" and you'll find people looking for the same thing, and make groups... very nice for girls that are afraid to go somewhere alone for exemple :)

I can answer many of your questions about living in a ski resort in Haute Savoie!The best places to meet native english speakers are the Bars.Sherpa is a huge magnet for ex-pats with events each week such as the Friday BBQ,curry night,english food shop,book swap etc.Many of the people who own/run chalets use it to take their guests for a pint.Budha Bar,Cafe Chaud,Rodos,Dixie etc.There are UK run shops too;the internet cafe & snow board clothing eg
Just go onto the Morzine loop site.They run a local mag for ex-pats and tells you all about what's going on there.
I was there for 5 years.Buses from Geneva.Also from Evian/Thonon etc.Go for the weekend and stay in a B&B Easiski have rooms at very good rates.Contact Nigel & Lynn.Other owners who run accommodation are Paul & Nina Daly- Apex,Dave McQuiston- SkiQ

Have fun!

hi.. there is also a site call On va sortir.. : onvasortir. com  you can register and choose what you want. Movie , music , bar.. and meet lot of people.. chosse by yourself.. try it.. Pierrot