Loving life in Haute Savoie/Annecy and wanting to meet new people!

Hi Everyone!

Tom and I moved from the Uk to Annecy six months ago with Tom's job  - all is good, we've had an amazing summer getting to know the area and settling into our new French lifestyle and we can't wait to get out on the slopes.

Can anyone recommend any local groups they have joined in Annecy or Haute Savoie area please?  I would love to get out more and meet new people and get more involved in local activities/groups or... if anyone is happy meeting up for a coffee or a walk by the lake at some point please get in touch, it would be lovely to meet you.


Hello Andrea, me and my wife are also moving to Annecy. Maybe we could go for a coffe some day!
I'm a photographer and she's a script writer. How can I contact you?

Hi all.
I live in Annecy. Saint-jorioz to be exact.
If you guys are interested, pelase drop me a line and we can go for a drink togetehr.

Hi do you like chat with me?

I am zahid my email address  ***

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Hi. Sure. How long did you live in Annecy?
What do you do there?

Hi Andrea,

I am moving to Annecy this Friday starting work at a chiropractic clinic in town. I spent last season skiing in Chamonix which was great(although the snow conditions were pretty poor). My background is fairly international; I am from Sweden, studied for 5 years in LA, worked in Italy, owned a clinic in Sweden for 16 years and I have travelled a lot in Southern Europe and a fair bit in the US.
Since I am also looking to meet new people it would be nice to meet up for a chat/tea after I get settled in. Let me know if that sounds interesting.

All the best,


Hey Andrea,

wondering if you're still in Annecy. We're and Australian/French couple planning to move and would be great to get any tips you may have. Ive got a 4year old and a 2 year old and they don't speak french so any expat groups you've found would be fab!

Thanks, Jacqui

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