Recruitment Agencies

Can anyone recommend a decent recruitment agency, so far my experience with recruiters has been very poor.

Have you tried People & Co?

Thanks for your reply.

I haven't no, have you had any dealings with them?

I am a freelance trainer with them.

Ok I will contact them, thank you very much for your help, its really appreciated.

You are very welcome.
I wish you success.

Hi Chseychell, unfortunately i've never received any call backs or replies from emails from It was worth a try though.

Hi BigPhil1,
I can check with them and revert.
Can you send me your full name and the date you wrote to them in a private message?

Hi BigPhil1,
I checked.
One of the team (Darren) tried calling you earlier this week but he could not get through. He had a reminder in his calendar to try again this afternoon.
If he doesn’t manage, he will send him an email.
Rest assured that People & Co. follow all the queries they receive.
Once again, I would like to wish you success.
And in case you need my help again, drop me a line.

That's very kind thank you very much and for all your help.

I keep hearing that all sectors are desperate for staff but when you apply you hear nothing back

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