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For a number of years my wife and I have toyed with the idea of spending a few years in Europe.  We particularly enjoy the Salzburg area.  The lake country is very appealing.

We have no idea how to go about finding a small house to rent for two or three years.  Not only do we not know how to go about it, we have no idea what we should expect to pay for rent.  Any adice and counsel along those lines would be greatly appreciated.

We also have a question that acknowledges a bit about ourselves.

Is it possible to subscribe to a satellite service that will allow us to pick up US television programming.  Everybody becomes a creature of habit and part of our habit is to want to watch some familiar shows.

Allow me to give an example.  If a show is on in New York at 9PM on Tuesday, is it possible to record it in Europe in the middle of the night?

Thanks for sharing whatever thoughts you may have.


So you aren't in Slazburg at the momen, correct?  Just so you know.  Salzburg is the MOST expensive city to live in Austria.  Very popular destination.  What I suggest is to live in a town (village) just outside of the city where it's cheaper..everything is cheaper..even the beer.  It also sorta forces you to learn the language as usually in smaller towns, less people can speak English as opposed to cities like Salzburg.  It's always great to elarn another language.  I'm a it further west and north..near the Czech border. 

You can buy yourself a small car to move shopping for necessities locally and go into town in 20 or so minutes..just like a regular commute in the city.  It really isn't a big deal.  Some towns even have their own train station, so you can pay like 5€ or something like that to go into Salzburg when you want.  if you want me to poke around for you to ask about pricing I can.  You can also check  It's all in german, but you will get the idea and the word for "rent" in german is "MIET".

Hope this helps.


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