Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance - restrictions?

I moved to Austria a little over two years ago, importing and registering my UK vehicle as per normal requirements. Opted for the fully comprehensive cover.

I’ve recently heard that cars over 10 years old (mine will be next month) can become exempt from fully comprehensive cover, regardless of whether one has a fully comprehensive motor insurance cover.

Having desktop researched this, I can find no mention to corroborate what I’ve heard. So, I’m turning to the collective wisdom here to see whether anyone has come across this problem, or maybe aware of an information source.

I do have a broker, but am ‘concerned’ why this might not have been mentioned when taking out the policy, given the age of my car....

Thanks, in advance.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

I know nothing about Austrian road traffic law, but a bit about EU law and have worked with Fleet Insurance over the past 25 years; the minimum Insurance requirements are for 3rd party cover across the whole EU; this link to the EU website describes this.

Like you, I can't find anything on the Internet that says that cars over 10 years (anywhere) are exempt from Comprehensive cover; in fact, all cars are exempt fully comprehensive.  The only requirement for fully comprehensive cover I've ever heard of is for Contract Hire/Rental vehicles while under a lease contract and it would be unusual to find a fleet vehicle of that age still on contract.

Nationals government's do not provide Insurance cover and insurance costs are all about risk, which the Government does not underwrite.  The older a car becomes does not reduce risk, in fact, the opposite could be argued.

So I think that either you've been misinformed, or somebody has misunderstood the requirements.  Whatever, if you do get Comprehensive cover for the price of a 3rd party policy, then please come back and let us know the details so we can spread the word.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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