English Speaking Cinema in Salzburg

Hi guys,
Does anyone know of a English speaking cinema in Salzburg that plays the new Hollywood blockbuster movies??
Thanks :)

Hi Rob :o)

There is not an English speaking cinema but they do play some of the new movies in English but they are kind of hit or miss with times and which movies they play.  Its a few steps - first you log into cineplexx.at on your computer.  From there you pick your cinema location (they have a couple of options but we have found the Salzburg city one is your best bet).  From there you pick the date you are looking for (you can only pick day by day) and then you have to make sure you hit the drop down box and choose OV which means original version. The only bad thing is they usually play the English movies at 5:30 on like a Wednesday but at least there are some options.  All of the new movies are not offered in OV but we did see the new Batman here and the Avengers movie so they definitely offer the biggest blockbusters. Hope that helps!

It might be a good idea to make an expat cinema evening with some beer/coffee afterwards. Next time smb goes, do not hesitate to contact!

Hi Rob
Thanks for your other posr - good to hear from you.
Regarding cinema.  I'm sure there's something for you nearby in Salzburg, but if not there's one called Metropol in Innsbruck thar we occasionally use. A bit of a hike but if you need your fix in english then its worth making a weekend out of it.
Look for films listed as "OV" - Original Version, though its worth calling first to check its actually english. Book ticket when you do to avoid disappointment as they're often very popular.
Hope thar helps.

Hey Mark,
Thanks for the heads up with the movie theatre.  My Wifes parents live in Wien so whenever we are there we head out to the English Cinema.  Other then that we wait for the dvd release :)

Hi Rob,

English Speaking Cinema in Salzburg

They offer selected movies in their original version every other day.

International Cinema Salzburg

They have films in many languages with German subtitles.