Safe place to stay in Austria for a Female on Tour!

Hello guys! anyone can recommend me a hotel or any name of place to stay in Austria? i know i can find a lot Online but it will be better if you guys can share your thoughts.

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Hey Jhen!

What do you mean with "save"? Any hotel or hostel are save. There is no dangerous area. (district) Sure there are places, but not the whole district.

Where do you want to stay? If you want to stay in vienna, then choose a hotel/hostel that is near the city center. (1st, 2nd district) There are a lot of sights.



hi, i mean safe place coz i will be alone traveling.. hmmm i want to visit steyr but i wanted to stay in vienna.. hmmm i know its safe there in austria thats y i wanted to go there... hmmm yah i will check the hotels but it wil be better to give me the specific hotel details.. hmm thanks a lot!


Dear jhen,

Hello first of all...! I would like to propose you the following hotel that I stayed(MEININGER Hotel Wien Hauptbahnhof ).You can check this by click on the following link of the Hotel reservation site Booking: … al;ucfs=1&

This Hotel is very near to everything you will need durring your stay in Vienna.

1.Near to Central tran station
2.Near to Metro station(about 2 minutes walking)and after 1 station with metro to reach center of Vienna)
3.Near to shops,fast foods,restaurant,coffee shops if you will not decide to move to center because maybe 1 day you will be tired or bored.
4.In this Hotel they come people young like you,also in reception they are young people.
5.Good prices per night and also good the can also check the room that you will reserve when you will arrive there and if you don't like you can kind ask them to change to better...I think they will have the wish to help you because they re young like you....
5.In center I usually went for coffee at starbucks coffee house or opposite of it sacher cafe that you cane find the traditional sacher torte(cake) of Vienna.
6.Avoid too much late in night to use Metro just for prevention...this is not only for Vienna but for every European Capital...

I hope I helped you!

Have a wonderful stay in Vienna...

Best Regards



I appreciate your help, i would definitely check that link and see what else they can offer.. im planning to meet my friend but they were living in steyr so i will be alone in vienna.. hmmm thanks a lot.. i will keep all that in mind.. ;)

Youth hostel, couchsurf or monastery. From airport, dont take CAT but local tram to Vienna Center.

I have lived in Austria for 7 years, I have to say that the country is one of the safest countries I have ever visited. Vienna is out of this world, and is also safe, even at night. I will reply more later as I have shoot out to work. I just saw this post lol

I think ManolisGreece Idea is perfect. Hauptbahnhof is the central station, where you can get with a train to Steyr.

With a train or subway you can easily get to the city center too.

Let me know, if you want to meet. I can help and show you a little of vienna.

Heya :)

It depends entirely on where it is that you want to visit really. Whilst Austria can be covered by car in about 8 hours (It is not a big country), it is a bit of a mission if you want to stay in the same place. In general however it is incredibly safe, and the police are incredibly effective.

If you want to visit Steyr, I know a bunch of great B&B's there since my wife and I live there when we aren't working :)

Other than that, just remember the basic rules of travelling, be nice to the locals and enjoy the trip. Austria is truly a wonderful land with an incredibly rich culture if you take the time to go out of the cities.

Good luck, and enjoy the trip!

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