South African Girl new in Salzburg/St.Johann im Pongau


I am a South African girl living in Graz at the moment and super keen to meet English speaking people in and around Salzburg.

Moving to St.Johann im Pongau in 3 weeks due to a new job and my boyfriend.

Don´t hesitate to message me - if you play Golf we could hit the course too!


Greetings, Claudia

Hi Claudia,

Welcome to expat-blog!

Hope you get lot of response from interested members. :)

Thank you,


Hi Claudia!

I'm Tess from England. I moved here 2 months ago to be with my Austrian fiance and am also looking for new friends.

I live in the centre of Salzburg city and am currently learning German and looking for a job. I don't play golf unfortunately but like bike riding, swimming, dancing, the usual kind of thing!

Get in touch if you are keen to meet up sometime.


Two ex pats from England living in Schladming- short train journey from St Johann. There are ex pats scattered all over Austria, and you may find some in St Johann! Try classified poster ads on local supermarket message boards and Baufreund etc. Only have Sundays off though, so difficult to spare time. GOOD LUCK!


Im an SA dude still living in Jozi, but my girlfriend is over in Austria close to Salzburg.

I am desperately trying to find my way into the country and get a job, how did you succeed? :) any advise would be lank/kiff/cool ;)

Haha Im a keen golfer I hope I get to join you out there soon



Hi stephen!
Had great difficulty getting a job. If you have years of experience like me in retail, they wont look at you, as you are too expensive to employ. They have something called the collective agreement, an agreement between employers and unions. These dictate that you are paid a basic, with each year of experience on top of that. Of course any sensible employer would always choose the cheapest option! Being fluent in German is a must. I had to retrain as a receptionist, and am luckily working in a local hotel not 10 minutes walk from my flat.  Back to the agreement, an illustration is that teachers in Austria are treated as civil servants. They are at the moment negotiating conditions/wages. They are in the 32nd round of talks! Not many strikes in Austria!
AMS Arbeits Markt Service are the first port of call. Get registered there, and eventually they will bend over backwards to help, providing you proove to them you are doing your best to find jobs etc. There is a job website run by them which you can use, and gives a very good range of jobs, especially in your district.  Job is another good site.
If you have degrees etc. always have those available to be looked at. As you are not an EU citizen, unemployment pay only becomes available if you have worked minimum 1 day fully insured, so you could go for a basic job and put up with it for a short period. AMS paid for me to go to Vienna- 360kms away, paid for my accomodation, course and travel expenses! They also run German courses, paid for, as well as others to help you gain employment. Do the courses, and impress them is a very good idea!
GOOD LUCK in your new future

Hey Rod!
I will be in Schladmin on the 31.08. !
You might want to go for a beer or two?

Sadly I will be at work then in a local hotel, so wont be able to make it really. Schladming is smaller than St Johann, but pretty in other ways. We still have parts of our town walls, as well as a wonderful Salzburg town gate. Loads to do here too. Glacier worth a visit if weather is good. New cable cars with outdoor panorama platform going up to the Dachstein glacier, 2997meters up. An ice palace, skywalk with views over the mountains in all directions, and a new suspension bridge close to the south face of the Dachstein. Lovely walks all round too. Enjoy.


am not south african by nationality but i lived there for almost 8 years before i came to austria. finally i decided to leave because of the way taxi drivers used to use the roads :).

it'd be nice to meet a south african peron, but am not in graz. If u ever in villach, u can contact me and we can do something.



I'm Angie, South African born but just moved here from the UK. Would you like to chat and see  if could meet sometime? I'm afraid I also don't play golf but am a keen learner and a whole lot of fun!!!!!

Drop me a line whenever possible.


Hi Claudia, I'm moving to St.Johann next week. I have an 18months old son and we are moving to AT to be with my partner and father of my son, who's been working there last 12months. If you are still in would be great to be in touch with you. My german is poor at the moment but I'm looking 4ward to learn it. Hope to hear from you.

Hey! Are you still in St.johann!
Give me a ring!!!

Hi there

I am also in Austria as a result of my husband coming back home. We often go to the Bad Ischl which is 20 mind from Salzburg to visit relatives. Would be great to meet up if we travel that way. My German is pretty dismal :lol: .


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